Pidgin & Gtalk certificate

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Oct 14 2008

I use Pidgin for my chat client and I also use Gtalk. Usually there is no problem with this but I use Gtalk for my old Gmail account and also for my new email address for this website hosted by Google. I started having a problem connecting to my Gtalk account The problem was conflicting security certificates. Turns out Pidgin wants to keep one certificate per server (or that is how I understand it). I was still able to connect but every time I opened Pidgin I had to click a accept button for Pidgin to know it was OK to accept the second certificate for the connection. Well thanks to Andrei Neculau I don’t have to click that accept button anymore. Google has a second Gtalk server (really just a different address that points to the same server) and Pidgin will gladly accept a new certificate for this second connection. If you are having the same problem just set up one of your Gtalk accounts to point to on the advance tab of the account and you never have to worry about that conflicting certificate again.
Any other Pidgin hacks/tweaks you have just leave them in the comments. I love learning new things.