Pidgin & Gtalk certificate

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I use Pidgin for my chat client and I also use Gtalk. Usually there is no problem with this but I use Gtalk for my old Gmail account and also for my new email address for this website hosted by Google. I started having a problem connecting to my Gtalk account The problem was conflicting security certificates. Turns out Pidgin wants to keep one certificate per server (or that is how I understand it). I was still able to connect but every time I opened Pidgin I had to click a accept button for Pidgin to know it was OK to accept the second certificate for the connection. Well thanks to Andrei Neculau I don’t have to click that accept button anymore. Google has a second Gtalk server (really just a different address that points to the same server) and Pidgin will gladly accept a new certificate for this second connection. If you are having the same problem just set up one of your Gtalk accounts to point to on the advance tab of the account and you never have to worry about that conflicting certificate again.
Any other Pidgin hacks/tweaks you have just leave them in the comments. I love learning new things.

Digsby and Pidgin

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I have been using Digsby for my IM client for a few weeks now. This is after a long time using Pidgin (previously Gaim). I have switched back to Pidgin for a couple different reasons but I wanted to give a quick run down of what I thought of Digsby vs. Pidgin.

While Digsby is based on Pidgin (the back end at least) developed in house and pidgin is open source there are some additional things that stand out that really set it apart from what Pidgin can do. First of all is the fact that Digsby is a server based application.  What does that mean? It means you have a single login for Digsby and that is all you ever need to remember (once you are set up at least). Digsby will keep tract of what accounts you have set up, what the settings for each account are, and even your chat history. If you lose your computer and need to install Digsby on a completely different machine, or even a different OS, it doesn’t matter.  All of your settings, logs, and connections will carry with you to your next machine.  This also means that if there is a update to the software, you don’t have to track it down to find out what the latest version is or remember to download and install it.  All of the updates are server based so all you have to do is start the program to get all of the new features, and possibly the new bugs as well. The last big thing that Digsby incorporates that Pidgin does not have is social networking sites. While I don’t use any social networking sites I hear they are quite the place to be. :)

On the negative side, Digsby was missing a few things that I really enjoy in Pidgin. Although they are all plugins and could easily be incorporated into Digsby they are missing in Digsby’s current beta form (2858 I think). The main plugins I miss are text replacement and psychic mode. If you don’t know what either of those are you should really check them out for Pigin. The killer that made me switch back to Pidgin was email checking in Digsby.  Although the options you have with email are far superior to what Pidgin can do I had a problem with Digsby not checking my sub folders in Yahoo and using the non-beta version of Yahoo mail which is just plain ugly. While that may not seem to be a deal breaker for some, I realized a week late that I had some important ebay, amazon, and personal emails that I was relying on Digsby to alert me when they came. Because Digsby let me down for those things (and because there isn’t currently a Linux installer) I have switched back to Pidgin. As soon as Digsby is out of beta I will probably give it another try. But for now Pidgin allows me to chat and check my email to my hearts content. I must admit I will miss the “report spam”, archive, and chat popups of Digsby in the meantime.

I updated a few things thanks to the comments I was sent clarifying a few things that I was incorrect about in my original article.

Stop Pidgin from beeping on backspace

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Pretty recently (as of 2.2.2) Pidgin had a update that made my system beep happen any time I was in a chat window with no text and hit backspace. I thought it wouldn’t bug me but if I hold backspace with text the system beep would just keep repeating when I ran out of text to erase. I had an old fix for this which was just disabling the system beep in device manager.  This worked great because who ever needs the system beep anyway? Unfortunately, with Vista Business 64 I cannot find the system beep in device manager anymore.

I searched around a bit and found out I was not the only one with this problem. A fix put on Pidgin’s website said you just had to add

gtk-error-bell = 0

to your %APPDATA%\.purple\gtkrc-2.0 file. If you do not have that file you can simply create the text file, put that line in, and restart Pidgin.

Enjoy this little fix.