Take one down, pass it around…

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In my recent trip to Capri Deli I decided to be adventurous and try a couple more root beers. And of course, with my bad memory, I need to write them down or I would have no idea I ever knew they existed.
First up is Route 66 Beer. It had such a clever name I just had to try it. route_66_beer This Root Beer tasted very smooth with hardly any fizz to it. It tasted like some kind of syrup candy and was fairly thick while drinking. It reminded me a bit of Henry Weinhard’s but with more of a caramel after taste. It was very pleasant but a little bit heavy. I don’t think it was nearly as sweet as Boylan root beer but more of a subtle candy undertone to the root beer itself.
The second root beer was Frostie Root Beer. This was actually Beth’s choice for dinner but I drank my fair share. It was a little bit weird how similar these two root beers were. Frostie had a very similar after taste but there was so much fizz to this root beer it tasted more like drinking caramel Nerds or root beer Pop Rocks.frostie_root_beer I think out of these two I would pick frostie because it had the candy taste without the heaviness. One weird thing with Frostie was the after feel in your mouth. It wasn’t so much the taste this root beer left in your mouth as much as it was the feeling on your tongue. It kind of felt like after you eat a few Altoids mints. When your tongue feels a little bit raw but kind of good, like your mouth got a good cleaning or something. I know it is strange but that is what I thought of after taking a drink.
Sorry for the lack of updates in my root beer log but I really go through phases trying new root beers and this will probably end up being one of my “projects” that lasts a long time. And the big pictures make it easier for you to see them and gives me an excuse to write a little bit more and then you don’t feel like the log is all text. Let me know what new root beers you have tried in the comments, or root beers you recommend I try next time I am out.

Some more root beers

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I had the chance to have a few more root beers this week and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The first root beer I tried was Red Ribbon. I must say it tasted pretty plain. Nothing really stood out about it and it had a very generic IBC/Barq’s root taste. If I hadn’t taken a picture I probably would have completely forgotten about it. Beth pointed out that Red Ribbon had almost zero aftertaste. It was almost like you forgot you took a drink of anything. Then I had the Americana root beer.
This one was fantastic. It wasn’t too sweet, had a very good aftertaste and actually tasted like I was drinking something. It wasn’t quite as sweet as Virgil’s but with the food I was having that was a very good thing.I would have to say at this point this is my second favorite root beer, and depending on what I am eating at the time I would probably go for one of these over a Virgil’s.
Finally, I had Boylan Bottleworks. This was probably the sweetest tasting root beer I have ever had but that made it taste a bit more like liquid candy than a drink of bitter, brewed root. The label said it is sweetened with pure cane sugar and it was very tasty. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it, but when drinking it the sweetness got in the way of the taste. Beth on the other hand loved this one and kept asking for more.
Overall Boylan Bottleworks was a great change from traditional root beers and I will keep it in mind when I want something to sip on while watching a movie. But I probably wouldn’t drink this one on a regular basis while eating my dinner. Unless of course my dinner is licorice.