Windows 7 RC Login Background

1 Comment | This entry was posted on May 01 2009

I installed the latest Windows 7 RC because I wanted to try it out and I needed to do something with my media computer. When I first went to log in I saw the login screen background and thought it was great! Unfortunately, you can’t set that picture as a background within Windows 7 (it is only a login screen image).
Using a tool called ResHack I was able to extract the image from the dll. Feel free to download the image below.

They have a lot of “tall” images and I am guessing because they are expecting tablets to start taking a more dominate market share. The tall image makes the screen much more “paper-like”
Please be nice to my bandwidth. And if I happen to get this post taken down (not sure why I would when it is a public beta) I will try to find a mirror somewhere.

Pineapple Express Blu-ray extras

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Beth got Pineapple Express from Netflix this week and while I think the movie is funny it is not for everyone. That of course is not why I am writing this post. When I put in the Blu-ray disk I noticed something very unusual on my PS3. There was a bubble under the game section like I had downloaded something and it was waiting to install. Sure enough the extra was a Pineapple Express wallpaper for the PS3 that was stored on the disk. I of course “installed” it and the wallpaper changed to a background that was way better than the Pineapple Express wallpaper available in the PlayStation store.
My question is, does anyone know how to extract the picture from the Blu-ray disk or how to save just the image to the hard drive instead of having to install it on the PS3? I would like to have the picture on my computer but I don’t have a Blu-ray player on my computer and couldn’t find a way to explore the pictures on the disk.
If you know how to do it please just leave a comment. Oh and by the way, the deleted scenes aren’t that great. I haven’t watched the extended version but please let me know if you did.

How-to set wallpaper image before login in Windows XP

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Open up the registry and browse to:

HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Desktop\

edit the Wallpaper key to point to where ever you have your wallpaper stored (eg. c:\windows\wallpaper.bmp). The file needs to be a .bmp to show up but that is all you should need to do.
After a restart the background will show up behind the login window assuming you are not using the welcome screen.
If a user logs in and then logs out their wallpaper will show up instead. But this is great to keep things looking the same when computers are restarted often.