Boot a computer AS a USB disk

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Sep 21 2007

I am looking for help and the internet seems to be the best place to look for this kind of thing.  I would like to be able to boot my laptop (off a cd or usb disk) and have it show up as a USB disk on another computer.  I would have a male to male usb cable that will autodetect the slave computer on the master computer but I need to be able to have the hard drive on the slave computer accessible on the master computer (for at least read privileges).

If anyone knows of software that may make this possible please email me or leave a comment below.  I am very interested in this for work/recovery.

Download/How-to overload

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Jul 26 2007

I found a great new site this past week. is a site that was developed to show you how to do a whole lot of things you never really thought you would want to do. At least that is what it is for me. Things like getting a Expose Clone for Vista to customizing your Vista logon screen. Or a few things I found that can even improve productivity like adding “Copy to” or “Move to” dialogs to the right click menu or Disabling delete confirmation. All I have to say is they defiantly made the cut to make it on my RSS feeds.

Download Squad also came through and showed me how to remove unwanted programs and improve battery life with vista. I haven’t used either of these yet but they are still pretty nifty. I have been wanting to try out adding folders and applications to My Computer but with howtogeek rolling out so many tools I haven’t really messed with it much. One thing I have tried and really like is the ability to upload youtube videos directly from my cell phone. You have to register your number first but after that all you do is send the video to YTUBE and it will be ready for you once you get to a computer. If you have a nifty phone that can view youtube from your phone you can just as easily view the video after a few minutes wait.

Finally Lifehacker had a neat (and not very useful but cool) tutorial on how to hide a file in a jpeg image.  I have seen this before but it is always nice to link to at least one.

Hopefully I will have more stuff for you guys in another week or so but work has been really busy and I haven’t been home much.