Zune is changing its name

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Aug 23 2009

I just got back from checking out the new ZuneHD at Best Buy and they were handing out fliers at the door to encourage people to check it out.

Zune flyer

At first I thought nothing of it, but on my drive home I noticed something else.

ZuneHD flyer close

Is Zune is changing it’s name to Zine!? Is this another Or just a epic promotion typo fail? It is probably just a typo, but I still found it funny.

Screen shots of and below.

Youtube ZineYoutube Zune

How-to Fix a Video Card in the Oven

3 Comments | This entry was posted on Jun 23 2009

I recently happen to come across a video card that had problems with 3D rendering. I usually would just throw out the video card and get a new one, but when the video card is a Nvidia 8800 GTX I just couldn’t throw away the card no matter how bad it was broken. Luckily shortly after I got the card in it’s broken state I found this article over at Engadget about someone who was able to fix their Nvidia video card by baking it in the oven. Now of course I thought they were crazy but figured “it’s not like it can break my video card any more”. So I gave it a shot.
I was completely surprised that not only did it do no visible harm to the video card. When I plugged it in my test machine it worked flawlessly. I wasn’t able to test extensively because I don’t have a dedicated desktop that can handle any games that would really test this card. So instead I ran a 3D benchmark tool before and after I cooked the video card. Lets just say that before I cooked it the benchmark tool wouldn’t even start, and after it worked flawlessly.
I am not saying this is a fix for everything you might have wrong with your computer but you may want to give it a try if you have a video card on the fritz. The reasoning I read in the forums that this works, who knows if it is actually true, is that some cards will get micro cracks in their solder joints that cause bad connections between components. Solder melts at 365 degrees Fahrenheit so when you stick the video card in the over you are really just softening and filling in those micro cracks. I have some pictures of the card before and after (there wasn’t much difference) so you can see exactly how I set the card in the oven.
I cooked my card at ~385 for 8 1/2 minutes. We will see how long this card lasts.

In the forums there are probably 2-3 dozen reports of this working on other video cards. I have see 2 unsuccessful attempts out of all the reports I read, and I even saw one person unsuccessfully cook their motherboard to see if it would fix their problems. Let me know if you give it a try in the comments.

Google Voice

1 Comment | This entry was posted on Mar 24 2009

Grand Central was purchase by Google and is Google Voice now. I am not going into what the service can do for you (that is what Google is for), but the cool thing is my account was eligible for a upgrade today so I click the “upgrade” button to see what was new.
Not a whole lot was new but I did get a chance to test out the transcriber on my voice mail. It was actually fun because just after I left myself a voice mail I got a text message with the transcribed voice mail as well as a email to a link to a mp3 to play the voice mail. Lets just say they need to work on it a little bit. Here is the message I left for myself.

Oh, I wonder if this works. Test, test, oompa loompa, supercalafragilisticexpealadocious, Shaun.

Here is the text I got:

all the i wonder if it’s a work test test hello michael super callus i just got a delicious john

On the plus side, it actually makes voice messages more fun! I mean who wouldn’t want to get a voice mail when it contains hilariously translated messages from your friends.
I tried this with one more voice mail but sadly I just got a error that said “Transcript not available”. I am not sure why, but I could not find a way to make it force a transcript which is disappointing.
Let me know if you have been able to use Google Voice in the comments. If I ever get invites I can send one your way if you ask for it.

Star Wars

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These pictures were too good to pass up. I am not a hugh star wars fans but I do like cars. And they defiantly picked some nice cars.
Click for bigger picture
OK, now I am going to bed.

Hi, I’m a…

2 Comments | This entry was posted on Sep 19 2008

So I don’t usually like to post about Apple and their blunders because that would take far too much of my time. In this case however I found it too funny not to post something.
I am sure you all know about the “Hi, I’m a Mac” adds (and hopefully how blatantly incorrect they usually are) and I know that Justin Long and John Hodgman are just actors. But the fact is that Apple picked them to represent a certain demographic of user by how they look and what they are probably interested in. Meaning “the cool guy” is a Mac and the “nerd” is a PC.
But in the real world Justin Long is a PC user and John Hodgman is a Mac user.
This was just too good to resist.

You can’t hide from RSS feeds

1 Comment | This entry was posted on Sep 13 2008

It has been fun over the past few years to see stories that have been pulled from websites for various reasons. The really fun part is the fact that using RSS feeds to read stories instead of going to the website allows me to see even the stories that were taken down.
The latest one I found interesting had to do with Apple’s new ipod nano. Someone seems to have taken offense to the story though because within 3 hours of the story being posted, it was gone. I really can’t imagine who would have told them to take it down…
Anyway, here is a screenshot of what the story was about.

On another note about the new iPod nanos. It appears they changed physically how the device looks and also how the software looks.

I must say, it sure does look like another player that I have seen before. (both software and hardware)

Anyway, just thought I would encourage people to use RSS feeds to allow them to read the whole internet. Even the stories that get taken down.

Why I switiched from bloglines to Google reader this weekend

1 Comment | This entry was posted on Sep 02 2008

It is simple really. I found myself looking around Bloglines after using it for about 3 years. I saw some of there partner sites, and in under 10 minutes I exported/imported all my stuff to Google reader. Now if only Google reader was a app I could use with my website. I hate having to keep around a gmail login.
I highlighted the part that bothered me so much.

Racist Pajamas

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Aug 24 2008

Here is something Beth noticed a little while ago on some of her pajamas that was just too funny to not post it here.

It may be a little hard to see in the picture but it says

100% Cotton
100% Algodon
Machine wash
Cold water
Lavase a mano
En agua fria
Hecho en
Made in U.S.A.

So really what that says in spanish is

Wash by hand
In cold water

I mean really, how much more racist can you be to force Spanish speaking people to wash their clothes by hand.

Rock Band redux

2 Comments | This entry was posted on Mar 11 2008

Another morning with a little extra time, and another Rock Band related post. This time all the work has been done by a friend and my wife. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Bon Jovi Dave Grohl
Tommy Lee Rick Allen
Sheryl Crow Peeps! playing Boston
Peeps! Peeps!

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Strip Rock Band

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Mar 10 2008

I woke up a bit early today so I thought I would run this by…well…myself to see what I think.

Strip Rock Band is played similarly to strip poker in that the loser must relinquish an article of clothing after each round. Here are the other rules that I have come up with to make this more of a game.

1. Each player must play the song on expert mode.

2. The loser is the first person to fail out of the song without being saved.

3. The loser must remove a article of clothing and gets to pick the next song.

4. The loser also gets to pick which instrument they would like to play next. If the loser of the round selects your instrument to play you must swap them instruments.

5. Bass cannot be played twice in a row.  The Bass player must play guitar every other turn. Likewise the guitar must play bass every other turn.

6. You cannot play the same instrument more than 2 times in a row.  After you have played a instrument twice someone else must pick your next instrument. You then have to swap instruments with whoever was playing the chosen instrument.

7. If you save someone you get to put a piece of clothing back on. If you are already fully clothed then you do NOT get brownie points or credit toward losing a round. All re-clothing is done after the round is over.

8. If no one fails in a song, the person with the lowest percentage is “the loser”. They do not need to remove any clothing but they still must pick the next song and swap instruments with someone.

If you are playing this with only 3 or 2 people than you can only have that many instruments. You cannot have a open instrument.

Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for additional rules.