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    I have mentioned the IT Crowd before and if you haven’t seen it yet you need to check out the recently released DVD or at least read some of the 1337 subtitles. In honor of the show my wife Beth has cross-stitched a great tribute the IT Crowd using a pattern we made from screen shots of the intro. Hope you enjoy!

    *EDIT* I changed the post a little to allow everyone to see the pictures without having to go to my gallery. I also wanted to let everyone know that Beth got her site (www.defenestrateeverything.com) up and running now. Check out some more crafts she has done over there. For information on purchasing this pattern for the low, low price of $3.50, please comment on this post or email: beth at hartfeltcrafts dot com.

    © Beth Garrison 2006


    Avid learner with a passion for technology and people. He is always trying new things or taking something apart to make it better.

    179 Responses to IT Crowd Cross-stitch

    1. babette
      2006/12/03 at 07:58

      What a wonderful blend of crafts and Geeks. Being both a sysadmin and stitcher this is just too cool. Great job Beth.

    2. Sandra
      2006/12/03 at 09:15

      Oh, how awesome! It would make the perfect present for a friend! Do you want to share the pattern? *looks hopeful*

    3. 2006/12/03 at 09:58

      Love it Beth! I just re-watched The IT Crowd on DVD with my boyfriend, it’s hilarious! As an avid knitter, I appreciate combining geek culture with crafting.


      P.S. Can you please post this comment instead of my first one, in which I accidentally listed an incorrect website? Thanks!

    4. 2006/12/03 at 10:11

      Great job, Beth!

      Seen on BoingBoing.net

      – mike (huge fan of the show)

    5. 2006/12/03 at 10:34

      Awesome. Is the pattern being shared?

    6. denise
      2006/12/03 at 11:13

      if beth wanted to make this into a pattern, she could sell millions. i actually want to buy one! it’s one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen. i would hang it next to the photograph i have (from an ancient macworld) of a great dane with a mac keyboard in its mouth.

    7. Rick James
      2006/12/03 at 22:25

      What? Are you from the past?

    8. daria
      2006/12/03 at 23:00

      omg! can you put up a pattern that beginner cross-stitchers could follow? ps. i love the IT crowd

    9. Beth
      2006/12/04 at 13:14

      Hello everyone!

      First, I want to thank each of you for your wonderful comments! πŸ™‚

      I also wanted to let you know that because I created the cross-stitch using screen shots from the show, my pattern would probably be a little confusing in its current form.

      So… since ya’ll liked it so much, I’m going to try and create a more legible pattern that you can use if you’re so inclined. However, I don’t anticipate completing it before the holidays (life being so hectic and all). But, since my husband has your email addresses, we’ll send you updates as to the progress.

      Also, this would be for your own personal use. I just don’t think it would be right making money off of someone else’s art, so the product of the pattern should not be sold (but I’m sure you knew that).

      Anyway, thank you again, and I hope that you have as much fun with this as I did! πŸ™‚

    10. 2006/12/04 at 13:21

      Please add me to the list of people rec’ing updates. What a great pattern! My husband will love it!

    11. Michelle
      2006/12/04 at 18:24

      I’d love to know exactly how you did it – screen shot then Photoshop or did you use a program like MacStitch? Such a wonderful idea!

    12. 2006/12/05 at 11:32

      That’s fantastic, I too can think of a few friends who’d love this. Please add me to the list of people liking a pattern.
      Geek Crafts really are the best.

      (Seen via the CRAFT blog.)

    13. caitlin
      2006/12/05 at 20:21

      I love it! Please let me know when there is pattern.

    14. Ann
      2006/12/06 at 09:34

      I was just about to request the pattern too! Great work. I love the IT crowd, but am inept at making cross stitch patterns. Please keep us posted πŸ™‚

    15. kristine
      2006/12/06 at 14:51

      I liked the design so much I had to see what all the fuss was about the show. And then I watched every episode I could get my hands on. Too bad they don’t have it on DVD in the states.

    16. Bri
      2006/12/14 at 15:12

      Wow! That’s fantastic. It’s one of those forehead-slapping “Why Didn’t I Think Of That !?” moments. When you get the pattern up, please let me know.

    17. 2006/12/25 at 05:19

      That’s simply beautiful. Please could I be added to the list of pattern updateds?

    18. Tao
      2007/01/09 at 20:20

      W00t! Simply brilliant! I join the chorus in pleading for a pattern. This is my family’s most re-watched show of all time.

    19. 2007/01/15 at 01:25

      And here comes a new pattern info request. πŸ™‚ Thanks Beth, this is so good looking!

    20. Catharine
      2007/03/08 at 17:17


      Only yesterday I felt the sudden urge to cross-stitch something (novice that I am) and took a disappointing stroll through Michaels before realizing there was frankly nothing hip enough to spend my time and eyesight on. How cool to stumble on this beautiful piece of work! (linked from Graham Linehan’s LiveJournal)

      This is a very, very cool cross-stitch. Please let me know if you make the pattern available. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    21. Beth
      2007/03/09 at 16:47

      Hello once again!

      My sincerest apologies for taking this long to bring an update to you. Life got way busier than expected, but I now have some time (finally!) to create the pattern for you if you are still interested.

      Again, thanks to each of you for your gracious comments. πŸ™‚

      You’ll be hearing from us soon!

    22. AussieGal
      2007/03/11 at 12:51

      Beth, what a great project!!

      Please put me on the list to get a pattern. Will you include which colours you used?

      This is one of my favourite shows. Fantastic!

    23. Brandi
      2007/07/25 at 08:15

      Love the pattern! I would love a copy if you get a chance. My husband would plotz if I stitched him one!

    24. Kim
      2007/09/25 at 11:39

      This is really fantastic!

      I also would love a copy of the pattern. Any chance you’re sending any out?

      Great work!


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    26. 2007/11/09 at 17:09

      Hi Beth!

      I know you’re getting a lot of these, but may I request a pattern too? My housemates and I want to start having “arts and crafts” nights together and this would be the best thing to join all our interests!

      I’ll send you photos of us all if it goes ahead!



    27. 2007/12/28 at 23:06

      Please add my name to the list for a copy of the pattern.
      Thank you!

      That is an amazingly cool piece of work.

    28. Katy
      2008/01/14 at 13:40

      gorgeous. i am also interested in the pattern. thank you.

    29. 26
      2008/05/30 at 17:38

      That’s such a great project, I really love it! Where would I be able to get the pattern?

    30. becky
      2008/06/07 at 11:27

      hiya, Beth you are a genius! my husband always teases me for cross stitch untill he found this! is it at all possible to get the pattern?i know you got alot of these requests!



      P.S – its great that cross stitch is now seen as “semi-cool” in my hubbies eyes!

    31. 2008/06/10 at 10:26

      I am just leaving a comment myself to say that everyone that has already commented should have received the pattern. If you have not please let me know by commenting or sending me a email.

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    33. Rachel
      2008/07/07 at 10:39

      I would like to learn to cross stitch and IT Crowd is the house favorite here! Would you please add my name to the list for getting a pattern? It’s just so perfect!

      Thanks so much for your great work!


    34. ali
      2008/07/20 at 22:52

      It’s absolutely fabulous! Two great loves of mine – cross stitch / crafting & the IT crowd! I know you’ve probably been inundated with requests for the pattern, but if it’s not too much bother I’d love to have a copy as well.


    35. Sarah
      2008/07/24 at 13:46

      I have to have this cross stitch template for my office, it’s fantastic. i work in IT and we all subscribe to the IT Crowd mantra, it has to go up in the department. PLEASE SEND IT TO ME!! PLEASE?

    36. Fiona Smith
      2008/07/26 at 20:05

      Could I please have a copy of the IT Cross Stitch Patter, Thank you very much

    37. Dave Sword
      2008/08/05 at 10:16

      That looks amazing! Could I also get a copy of the pattern? Thanks so much!!

      “I like Roy but I’m not…curious.”

    38. Greg
      2008/08/12 at 15:12

      Hello Beth
      The family ( expat in Australia) are big IT crowd fans, my daughter has
      a 17th birthday coming and used to do cross stitch

      so the perfect combination,

      i would be very grateful if you could send the pattern.


    39. Marie-Claude Lavoie
      2008/09/09 at 09:06

      Great job on the cross stitch! Would it be possible to have access to the pattern for this? I would love to dress up my office wall and this would be the perfect project πŸ˜€

    40. Sin BlachΓ©
      2008/09/16 at 20:44

      Hiya, I’m just getting started in the whole crafts thing for the first time in 14 years, and this really caught my eye. Love it, in fact. I was wondering if I may join the pattern grabbing ranks? Pretty please?

      But for serious, this is really well done and you should be very proud of it.

    41. Ashley
      2008/10/12 at 23:47

      Hey there. I don’t know if you’re still sending it out or if you have posted the pattern somewhere but I would love it if I could.

    42. Sara
      2008/10/15 at 19:13

      Thats so cool. I first came across this comdy when i was at uni, and loved it from the word go. Now i have my BF totally addicted. I would love a copy of the cross stitch pattern as not only am i a great fan, but im a crafty person too!!

      Cheers, Sara (down under aussie)

    43. Amy
      2008/11/20 at 13:32

      That is the coolest craft object I have ever seen. If you don’t mind, I would love the pattern!

    44. Meg
      2008/11/30 at 19:10

      Can I please have the pattern? This would be a perfect christmas gift for my mum. Thank you!!!

    45. 2008/12/13 at 17:56

      Hi Beth! I would also like, if possible, to get the pattern please!

    46. Rachel
      2008/12/27 at 16:27

      Can’t believe I haven’t run across this earlier – being an IT Crowd fan and a cross-stitcher since the 80s!

      Is it still possible to get the pattern? I would love to get my hands on this! Thanks ~

    47. Nikki
      2009/01/05 at 15:28

      I LOVE this! Is the pattern still circulating?
      Many thanks.

    48. Michael M.
      2009/01/05 at 19:15

      This is an amazing cross-stitch! Any way the pattern could be sent my way?

    49. Rachel
      2009/01/05 at 23:00

      Great job and so creative! I came across this by accident searching for a pattern totally unrelated and was pleasantly surprised. I am leaving a comment to request a pattern also, or if you could just let me know what colors you used, I could create a pattern on my own since the pictures on here are so detailed. Thank you so much for sharing!

    50. Jodi
      2009/01/07 at 08:06

      Hi Beth! I stumbled across a picture of your cross stitch online the other day and fell in love with it! It’s genius! My boyfriend and I have been downloading each episode as they come out online, as it’s not airing anywhere I can find in Canada yet. Just watched the last episode of season 3, and I swear it just gets funnier. If you’re still sending out the pattern for your cross stitch, I would really love a copy. I have the perfect place for a wonderful piece of geek art like that! Thanks so much!!

    51. 2009/01/08 at 12:03

      Hello, I also need the pattern, please send it to me.

      Thanks, very good work.

      From Spain.

    52. Rosa
      2009/01/09 at 04:12


      It’s i’m looking for!

      Is it posible to get the pattern?

      Thank you very much.

    53. Lydia
      2009/01/12 at 13:49

      I would love the pattern for my IT hubby, please!

    54. 2009/01/19 at 13:24

      Sign me up for the pattern! I can’t wait to make one for myself!

    55. Jason
      2009/01/29 at 05:22

      Wow! This is simply amazing! I love computers, my wife loves cross-stitch, and we both love The IT Crowd, so this would be great if she could make it! If the pattern is available yet, sign me up! Simply incredible, well done!

    56. Samantha
      2009/02/07 at 05:54

      hey there,

      that is the most killer cross stitch i’ve seen! i would love to get the pattern for it, i want to make it for a buddy of mine that introduced me to the show. if you could send it my way it would be much appreciated! thanks!

    57. estariol
      2009/02/08 at 05:30

      That is the greatest geekcraft I’ve ever seen.
      I love the show and your stitch so much!
      Could you send me a copy of the pattern?
      Thank you!

    58. Autumn
      2009/02/11 at 12:13

      Add me to the list of pattern requests please! I’m from the United States and I just discovered this awesome show a little over a month ago.


    59. Claire
      2009/02/12 at 19:59

      Please can I have a copy of the pattern too? πŸ™‚

    60. BJ
      2009/02/24 at 13:56

      Could you please send me a copy of this pattern. It is too awesome!!!

    61. Rachel
      2009/02/24 at 15:18

      Is there any chance I could have a copy of the pattern too?
      Pretty please?

      Thanks πŸ™‚

    62. 2009/03/03 at 14:08

      I would love to recreate this lovely piece for myself (so perfect for IT crowd fans)! If you’re still sharing the pattern, can you please send it to me?

    63. Jessica L
      2009/03/04 at 02:24

      Hi there,

      I just got into cross stitching…and looking for some patterns…

      This one is so awesome…and i would love the pattern…



    64. A-gusia
      2009/03/13 at 02:17

      I just saw your work and I love it! Could you please send me a copy of the pattern?


    65. Gail
      2009/03/15 at 15:04

      this has to be the coolest thing EVER!

      are you still sharing the pattern?

      you sir are a very lucky man. your wife is awesome.


    66. Hope
      2009/03/16 at 20:56

      I know I’m slow… but I just saw the picture of IT Crowd cross stitch. It looks like a fantastic pattern, and perfect for cube decor!

      I would love to have a copy of the pattern, if you’re still sending them out.

      Pls & Thx!

    67. Moira
      2009/03/17 at 11:04

      Wonderful. Please send me a copy of the pattern as well.

      Thanks so much for doing this. πŸ™‚

    68. Helen
      2009/03/25 at 01:06

      Wow! This is soooo cool!!! You are an absolute genius πŸ™‚ Please could I have a copy of the pattern for this?? Many many many thanks!!

    69. 2009/03/27 at 10:10

      I’d love to have a copy of the pattern as well! This is the coolest thing ever!

    70. Kay
      2009/03/29 at 01:48

      Hey Beth! In case your pattern is available, I’d LOVE to get one. I adore your pic and also the IT crowd.

      “I AM a giddy goat!”


    71. Maria
      2009/03/29 at 08:28

      My boyfriend is an IT lover (hw works in the IT department…) I think that if you could send me the pattern, It could be the perfect aniversary present for him ^^.

      I love the desing you’re a genius.

      (sorry for my english)

    72. becca
      2009/03/29 at 19:38

      so so so good! I would love a pattern


    73. LilleMy
      2009/04/13 at 02:16

      That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time! Can I please have the pattern? I haven’t done any cross stitches in about 15 years but I really want to try this one! Absolutely awesome! πŸ˜€

    74. Annie
      2009/05/04 at 08:21

      Hello! Just followed a link from My Happy Place, would love love love a copy of this wonderful pattern – Beth has inspired me to pick up my needle and thread again after a long absence. Thanks!

    75. Annette
      2009/05/13 at 02:40

      i would love to stitch this for my IT Dept – can i have the pattern please – its wonderful.

    76. RhonddaV
      2009/05/14 at 03:14

      The IT Crowd cross stitch is amazing! My sister loves the programme and crafting, and it would make her year (and get me loads of brownie points) if I could get a copy of the pattern for her? Thanks!

    77. Donna
      2009/05/15 at 13:09

      My husband loves this show and works IT, so I’d love to make him one of these to hang in his office. I’d really appreciate it if you could send the pattern along, if it’s still available.


    78. Sara
      2009/05/17 at 03:36

      I would love a copy of your pattern. My MIL wants to make one for my husband. Clever work! Thanks in advance.

    79. Lucy
      2009/05/24 at 00:20

      I would love a copy of the pattern please if it’s still available.

    80. Lory
      2009/06/03 at 13:34

      I discovered this series about two years ago and I love it!! Then, it was translated to our language (Spanish) but it wasn’t the same….

      Well, the thing is that I was looking for a geek pattern to cross-stitch or quilt (if it was easy enough) and…I found this awesome project!!! I tried to manage just with the photos you posted, but I still need some help and I’d like to know if the pattern is still available. I would really appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance.

    81. amy
      2009/06/04 at 15:49

      Hi Beth,
      I left a message on”my happy place” which I think is your blog. I would love to buy an IT crowd cross stitch from you if you are interested. Otherwise if the pattern is still available I could attempt to make one myself. SO cool!!!! I would love to hear back from you! Thanks so much

    82. Anna
      2009/06/06 at 02:18

      If the patten is still available could I have a copy please?

    83. Nicole
      2009/06/12 at 16:12

      I hate to be redundant, but I would love to have a pattern as well. My boyfriend recently introduced me to the series and we’ve both fallen in love with it. Thanks!

    84. Daniel
      2009/07/05 at 05:47

      I don’t suppose you still have the pattern? I’d love to make this, it’d look dapper in our office! Thanks!

    85. Lyn
      2009/07/05 at 11:02

      I would love a copy of the pattern if you’re still sharing.

    86. Bnorka
      2009/07/10 at 04:35

      I would love a copy of the pattern please if it’s still available.

    87. Ondine
      2009/07/11 at 22:41

      I would love a copy of the pattern also! πŸ™‚

    88. Linda
      2009/07/16 at 12:23

      Hi! =)

      I love The IT crowd! Can I please have the pattern?

    89. Kel
      2009/07/19 at 21:36

      I’d love a pattern too – it’d be the ultimate cubicle warming present!

    90. Amanda
      2009/07/25 at 16:20

      Hi! Wonderful design! If it’s not too much trouble could you please email me a copy of the pattern? Thank you!

    91. Sarah
      2009/07/28 at 00:56

      I’d love to stitch this for my fiance. Are you still giving out your pattern? It’s amazing.

    92. Amy
      2009/08/08 at 20:05

      Can’t say anything that hasn’t been said before. If you still have the pattern, I would love a copy! It is a truly awesome pattern!!

    93. Lynne
      2009/08/09 at 13:10

      OMG….I MUST have one of these! Thought I was the only person who thought the start titles of It crowd could be transformed to cross stitch…. it would definately beat my current x-stitch project….a dougal from the magic roundabout picture (yawn!)….do you still happen to have a copy of the pattern?

    94. Claire
      2009/08/22 at 17:54

      Hi, I love this! It’s a fantastic idea!
      Could I please have a copy of the pattern if it is still available?
      Thanks! πŸ™‚

    95. Ace
      2009/09/02 at 22:12

      This is amazing! If you still have the pattern, I would love a copy πŸ™‚ It’d be perfect for my desk at work. Thanks in advance!

    96. Dawn
      2009/09/17 at 18:11

      That is… wow, so much love.
      I’d also like to have the pattern. Thanks!

    97. Sues
      2009/10/11 at 18:27


      I’ve been looking for an appropriately geeky cross stitch challenge and this looks perfect. If it’s still available I’d love to have the pattern.


    98. Glenda
      2009/11/08 at 04:18

      hi there! this is such an awesome piece of cross stitch! am i able to receive the pattern off of you please??
      My boyfriend would love this so much:)

    99. Brooke Patterson
      2009/11/11 at 21:08

      Hi! I’ve been looking for an IT themed cross-stitch pattern for my brother. This is perfect! Can I have the pattern?


    100. Maike Krause
      2009/11/15 at 14:19

      Just discovered this pattern. It is AWESOME! The perfect christmas present for my boyfriend. It would be so great, if you could send me the pattern. Do you think you could stitch it on a t-shirt as well??? Thanks you so much!

    101. Sambert
      2009/12/05 at 18:41

      Wow… all I can say is “wow”! I found this site by seeing your wife’s beautiful cross stitch on the geekcrafts.com site. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, and I would be forever indebted to you if you could send me a copy of your wife’s pattern. Thank you SO much for being so generous with sharing this sexy piece of craft. THANK YOU AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

      Ps, if you don’t watch this already, you may enjoy the Mighty Boosh, as both Noel Fielding (Richmond) and Richard Ayoade (Moss) are both in it. However, Noel is one of the two main characters, where as Richard is a side character.

    102. Sambert
      2009/12/05 at 22:00

      Hmm… now that I think of it, I don’t think I saw the picture of the cross stitching on geekcrafts.com… although, I can’t for the life of me figure out WHERE I saw it now… hmm… this is going to bother me…

    103. Janet
      2010/01/30 at 18:11

      This is Amazing!!! Can I get the pattern please?? I would love to make one for myself and a friend of mine who got me hooked on the show!

    104. Jessie
      2010/02/09 at 10:44

      Ahhh, love this! How might I obtain the pattern?

    105. Abby c
      2010/03/01 at 18:23

      Hi, I love this – It is fabulous. I want to make one for my husband, where can I get the patterns?????

    106. Chris
      2010/03/03 at 14:24

      Hey Beth, what an awesome cross stich, is it possible at all for the patern too so I can attampt to make one!!!

    107. Sierra
      2010/04/01 at 18:29

      I can has pattern?

    108. Nikki
      2010/04/09 at 10:29

      i would love this pattern, my hubby is a huge fan!

    109. Gillian
      2010/04/14 at 08:13

      I’d love the pattern please – is it still available?

    110. Adele
      2010/04/14 at 16:56

      Has too much time passed for this pattern? I would love one!

    111. Victoria
      2010/04/17 at 02:36

      Hi πŸ™‚ would I be able to get the pattern?

    112. Juliana
      2010/05/13 at 12:35

      I have been looking for a fun project and I would love to get the pattern if you’re still sharing. I think this would look great on our office wall. Such a cool idea. My ringtone is Moss’s ringtone!

    113. Heather
      2010/06/07 at 07:38

      Any chance this pattern is still available? I would love a copy please!

    114. ashley
      2010/06/21 at 02:13

      please send me a copy of this cool cross stitch of the it crowd please. can’t wait to get started
      thanks πŸ™‚

    115. Erin
      2010/07/11 at 19:08

      Any hope of getting a copy of the cross stitch? I <3 the IT crowd! ^^ Thanks!

    116. Rachel Howard
      2010/07/16 at 22:55

      Any chance I could get a copy of the pattern? Would love to stitch it for my boyfriend. Looks great!


    117. cyberwaif
      2010/07/31 at 16:12

      only just come across this fab cross-stitch and if still available would love the pattern. thanks

    118. 2010/08/03 at 20:00

      I love the IT Crowd, and I love this cross stitch!
      May I also have the pattern?

    119. Debbie Whitley
      2010/08/09 at 08:17

      I would also love a copy of the pattern and colours/numbers of threads used, and would be happy to send monies via Paypal if you wish.

    120. Fran
      2010/09/22 at 10:36

      Insanely brilliant!! I would love to have a copy of the pattern too.

    121. christy
      2010/10/01 at 16:58

      I would like to have a copy of this cross stitch chart Please contact me.

    122. christy
      2010/10/01 at 17:02

      This would be perfect for my husband he works in the It dept at Kodak and it really is just like that. He has said this phrase many times as an opener to people just for fun.

    123. Mally
      2010/10/15 at 00:00

      Hi there! This is absolutely funky! I love it. I was wondering if I might be able to get the pattern?

      Thanks for your creativity, a great show displayed through an awesome craft!

    124. Amy
      2010/11/01 at 06:17

      AWESOME!!! Is there any way I can get a copy of the pattern? My husband is an IT admin and has done tech support for ages and this would make a PERFECT present. Thank you so much! for me to make him. Thank you so much!

    125. Jenn Cadle
      2010/11/13 at 16:15

      Is this pattern still available? My 12 year old son shares my obsession for The IT Crowd, and I’d love to stitch this for his desk! πŸ™‚ Thanks a million!

    126. 2010/11/20 at 08:42

      Hi! I’ve just shown my husband the pic of this amazing piece of work and he couldn’t believe how cool this cross-stiched pattern is…
      I really hope it’s still available, ’cause it would be a brilliant xmas gift for him. Please!!
      Thank you so much!

    127. kelly
      2010/12/03 at 22:46

      this is awesome…my husband is a HUGE fan of the IT crowd. i showed him this and he loved it….in fact inspired him to pull up some videos on the web. how can i get a copy of this to stitch for him? i would LOVE the pattern!

    128. 2010/12/07 at 21:36

      oh man this is perfect, could I get a copy of the pattern? I’d love to make one and stick it up at work!

    129. Jennifer Dobbins
      2010/12/16 at 11:15

      I would love to get the pattern for the IT Crowd cross-stitch. It’s one of my husband’s favorite shows, and would make a nice surprise and a laugh!

    130. Nichole
      2010/12/20 at 10:20

      My husband and I love the IT crowd. This will be a wonderful addition in our office. May I please have the pattern?

    131. Carrie
      2011/01/14 at 04:42


      i love it crowd myself crazily!!! jst found out ur work; dat’s soooooo fantastic!!!
      is there any chance i can get a pattern, too? πŸ™‚

    132. Sunnie
      2011/01/16 at 14:47

      I would LOVE the pattern. My husband works in IT and I want to surprise him with one for his desk! We have loved the show for years, and I have had this cross stitch saved under my favorites for so long.


    133. Erica
      2011/01/29 at 00:42

      Is it too late to get a copy of The It Crowd pattern???

    134. 2011/02/07 at 14:45

      Hi. I would love to have a copy of this. I just discovered the IT crowd and my brother is also a huge fan. I would love to cross stitch this. Is it still available?

    135. Stacy
      2011/02/27 at 11:22

      If this pattern is still available I would like a copy please. My husband is an IT Geek. lol. I know several IT people and would like to make for all. I noticed this goes back several years so I hope it is still available. Thanks in advance.

    136. Elizabeth O'Keefe
      2011/03/08 at 14:59

      I would love to request this pattern from you! My boyfriend and I love IT Crowd, and this would make a great birthday gift for him. I hope it is still available.

    137. Christina
      2011/03/09 at 10:28

      This is fantastic! Any chance you could forward the pattern?

    138. Jennifer
      2011/03/09 at 10:57

      I would really love to have a copy of this pattern if possible! Thank you πŸ™‚

    139. Leif
      2011/03/09 at 15:26

      Hi, would love details on how to get my hands on a copy of the pattern if its till available.
      IT Crowd (and your wife’s crafts ROCK!)

    140. thedoctorsplus1
      2011/03/13 at 19:31

      I saw on flickr that you have a pattern that was attainable. Is this still true?

    141. 2011/03/28 at 12:12

      Awesome work! Don’t know if you’re still giving out copies, but I’d love a copy of the pattern so I can force my sister-in-law to make me one. πŸ™‚

    142. Kim Fox
      2011/04/12 at 13:17

      I know I am late to the game, but could you please send me this pattern also? My husband and I LOVE this show! Thank you so much!

    143. Tiana
      2011/04/19 at 09:45

      I would very much like to purchase this pattern also. I have only just been introduced to the show by my brother in law who is huge fan. Thank you.

    144. Hattie
      2011/05/17 at 11:25

      Hello, this is an awesome cross stitch, would you be able to send the pattern as well as the list of what thread would be needed please? Thank you.

    145. Matthijs
      2011/05/19 at 08:50

      AWESOME I would like to buy the pattern too please!! πŸ˜€

    146. Chucklinchicka
      2011/06/11 at 18:41

      I would also like to buy a pattern

    147. Dvryce
      2011/06/15 at 16:33

      I would love to have a copy of this pattern!!!

    148. Ohjulieta
      2011/09/05 at 22:00

      Hi! my boyfriend loves the It crow, woul’d you sent me the patter? It would be the perfect gift for him!


    149. Laurainblack
      2011/10/07 at 09:46

      Hello! I tried to email Beth at the address above, but it failed. Can we still purchase this pattern? I LOVE it! Email me the details and I will PayPal her! [email protected]

    150. supervix
      2011/10/10 at 10:41

      Hi – I’d love to buy a copy of this (if you take Paypal)! Please email me if you’re still selling it.

    151. Kmatte
      2011/10/13 at 19:08

      Hi there. Would love to purchase a copy of this pattern. kmatte at smackdog dot net

    152. Emily
      2011/10/27 at 13:44

      I would love this pattern, if I could get it. Looks like the perfect office decoration for a few people I know!

    153. Jenn
      2011/11/09 at 11:15

      Hi! I’m interested in purchasing this pattern! jennmcglothlin at hotmail dot com

    154. JennInBlack
      2012/01/20 at 19:43

      I am interested in obtaining the pattern for this also. Please contact me with the details!

    155. Erica Odum
      2012/03/01 at 21:27

      I would love to get this pattern so I can make it for my husband too! You can email me at [email protected] Thanks!

    156. 2012/03/07 at 14:09

      It’s the most glorious cross stitch i’ve ever seen.

    157. 2012/03/07 at 14:10

      As far as cross stitch goes, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

    158. Emily Whittle
      2012/03/31 at 14:47

      Could I get the pattern to this too? Looking at it has just MADE MY LIFE!

    159. mgbuehrlen
      2012/04/17 at 18:27

      I’d love to get this pattern — is it still available?

    160. Kmgault
      2012/07/29 at 17:56

      This is my favorite show EVER. I’d love the cross-stitch pattern! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    161. Amlea1
      2012/08/09 at 12:37

      Hi, I would like to make this as a gift for my teenage son. Please e-mail to [email protected]


    162. Homeplanetr
      2012/08/10 at 23:36

      This is fantastic! I need to make this for my IT Crowd loving family! [email protected], thank you for being so generous with the pattern!

    163. Immortal_faerie
      2012/09/09 at 16:17

      Just wondering if the pattern is still available. it is fantastic.

    164. emwater
      2012/11/09 at 08:49

      I would love to have this pattern!! Could you contact me at kirate23 (at) hotmail (dot) com ?
      Thank you so much!

    165. Corrie
      2012/11/25 at 18:09

      I would love to buy this pattern if you’re still selling it!

    166. SistaCrumpet
      2013/01/18 at 05:32

      I would like to buy this pattern if it is still for sale.

    167. 2013/01/19 at 17:16

      I would like to buy this pattern. Please send me a facebook message if it is still available.

    168. 2013/01/25 at 12:05

      I would also really love to have this pattern. How may one obtain it? Thank you!

    169. Jeannie
      2013/01/26 at 03:22

      I really must have this pattern…I thought maybe I could find it on womanproblems.com but alas it was not there. Please advise.

    170. Tara
      2013/02/03 at 11:46

      is this pattern still available? I really want it!

    171. Julien DEBLOCK
      2013/03/29 at 04:22

      Hello, mate. This pattern is just awesome and my mother loves to cross-stitch. I think you see where this is going. Could I get this pattern ?
      Thanx a lot.

    172. Emily
      2013/07/26 at 08:50

      Pattern me! I’d love to make this as a Christmas gift for a friend. Kudos to your lovely wife both for designing such a sweet pattern and for sharing it on the cheap. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    173. Stacey M
      2014/01/09 at 01:41

      I would love this pattern. My husband is so hard to buy for but he’d love this! Please e-mail me at [email protected]

    174. Veronica Roncales Cortez
      2014/01/12 at 21:25

      My 13 year old daughter love IT crowd. Please, please email me the pattern. Thanks so much

    175. Amanda P
      2014/02/01 at 04:55

      Oh my goodness, I would love the pattern for this. Is it still available? ??

    176. lillypadflower
      2014/08/18 at 00:43

      This is so cool
      If it’s still going around I would like the pattern as well please πŸ™‚

    177. jamie
      2014/08/26 at 13:17

      Could I get the pattern if your still sharing? Thank you!

    178. Pearl
      2014/09/17 at 08:25

      I love the IT crowd! Pls do email it to me if it’s still avail! :)thanks!

    179. Suzanne Floyd
      2015/01/20 at 18:43

      My husband and I both love the show and adore your wife’s cross stitch pattern! Can we still get the pattern from you? I didn’t see it up yet on your wife’s website. Thank you so much!!!!

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