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    Unlike the HTC Apatche (Verizon xv6700) The HTC Titan (Verizon xv6800) did not come with a dock. I decided I really missed having a dock with a Pocket PC phone so I had an idea for making my own. I broke the whole process down into 4 easy steps you can follow.

    1. Get a CD you don’t need. I guess it could be a DVD or if you are fancy one of those Playstation 1 CD’s with black backing. BTW, I didn’t need this CD anymore because Linux Mint 5.0 was released this weekend. Go download it if you are interested.

    2. Glue two “L” brackets to the CD. I chose the back because it made it shinny and harder to take pictures of.

    3. Put the CD in your laptop drive. OK this works a lot better if your computer is on a slope or in a docking station but I am working on another solution for my desk at home.

    4. Put your phone on top of the CD.

    There is also a optional step of plugging the phone in but that isn’t required.

    I hope I didn’t lose anyone in those steps. They were confusing to me too. Check out the gallery of a couple more pictures and let me know what you think or what you would do different in the comments.

    Like I said I am already thinking of a couple different variations that may solve the problem for people that don’t have a docking station or don’t want to use their laptop for a holder. This just happened to work great for my situation.

    As a side note, Windows Sideshow is pretty neat but needs a bit more functionality and florescent lights suck for pictures.


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    3 Responses to HTC Titan dock

    1. Lopezzi
      2008/06/26 at 11:16

      Oh great! I followed your instructions and but coudn’t figure out how to close the CD-ROM tray. So naturally I went to the garage to get a mallat to assist me in my CD closing activity. Now my phone is stuck inside my laptop and I look really funny holding my laptop up to my ear like a phone everytime it rings. Thanks a lot.

    2. 2008/06/26 at 11:44

      Sorry, it doesn’t work with a Mac seeing as they have slot loading drives. 😛

      This feature is PC only.

    3. Dude
      2008/07/08 at 08:07


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