• Recycling hard drive parts for rocking!

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    I never saw the appeal of buying all new Rock Band instruments if you already owned the first generation instruments. There was one thing however that made me really like the new Rock Band guitars, and no it wasn’t the new wood finish. This weekend I finally added the one part that I really wanted. A start button guard!
    Rock Band guitars aren’t really known for their durability, and one of my guitars refuses to kick into overdrive unless I do a Chuck Norris roundhouse into a back flip in the middle of Visions’ solo before my drummer’s shin bursts into flames and we have to start the 12 song set all over again.
    My main problem with adding the guard was figuring out what to use. I thought about using putty, washers, and even cardboard, but then I remembered I had a bag of aluminum hard drive spacers that would work perfectly. All I had to do was get a little super glue and attach it right to the guitar leaving room for the screw that sits next to the start button in case I ever needed to get to the guts of the guitar.
    I took a couple pictures just so you could see how the finish product looks. Hopefully this will alleviate those mid-game pauses that sometimes happen when my groin muscles aren’t feeling up to the task of saving my bandmate.

    Let me know in the comments what you have used to modify your Rock Band instruments.


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    2 Responses to Recycling hard drive parts for rocking!

    1. Shadowcat
      2009/03/15 at 09:41

      Good thinking! I always love it when people fix simple problems with simple solutions. Its also a good thing that you happened to have disassembled hard drive parts just laying around your apartment. = ) Believe it or not, not all of us have that.

    2. Pierre
      2009/03/15 at 14:58

      Ha, ha! Awesome. You would!

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