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    Grand Central was purchase by Google and is Google Voice now. I am not going into what the service can do for you (that is what Google is for), but the cool thing is my account was eligible for a upgrade today so I click the “upgrade” button to see what was new.
    Not a whole lot was new but I did get a chance to test out the transcriber on my voice mail. It was actually fun because just after I left myself a voice mail I got a text message with the transcribed voice mail as well as a email to a link to a mp3 to play the voice mail. Lets just say they need to work on it a little bit. Here is the message I left for myself.

    Oh, I wonder if this works. Test, test, oompa loompa, supercalafragilisticexpealadocious, Shaun.

    Here is the text I got:

    all the i wonder if it’s a work test test hello michael super callus i just got a delicious john

    On the plus side, it actually makes voice messages more fun! I mean who wouldn’t want to get a voice mail when it contains hilariously translated messages from your friends.
    I tried this with one more voice mail but sadly I just got a error that said “Transcript not available”. I am not sure why, but I could not find a way to make it force a transcript which is disappointing.
    Let me know if you have been able to use Google Voice in the comments. If I ever get invites I can send one your way if you ask for it.


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    1. Smitty
      2009/03/24 at 20:33

      Heard nothing but great things about this product but unfortunately I’m still on the waiting list. Can’t wait to try it out though whenever it becomes available.

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