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    • After washing my hair twice, I can still feel where the paintball broke on top of my head yesterday. #
    • @geektonic do you have a walkthrough on setting up a movie library in media center? Trying to get thumbs and meta data set up in WMC7 #
    • @geektonic Does that require movies in folders and the xml data? or does it do it automatically like XBMC? #
    • http://twitpic.com/4ch0t – A nice buick in the apu parking lot. #
    • @rothgar oops, i said buick, it is for sure a dodge. in reply to rothgar #
    • Eat the World is at Argentinean tonight. Looking forward to some steak. #
    • I found out tonight that I do not like blood sausage, and while sweetbread wasnt terrible, the thought of it still is kinda gross. #
    • Catching up on the Stanley Cup playoffs I missed this morning. And using DVD Flick to make a DVD for my dad. #


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