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    • Ducks and Red Winds!!! I don’t know who to root for. I guess GO DUCKS!!! #
    • Yay, the PS3 is back from repair. The UPS guy immediatly asked if I play Xbox. He was suprised when I told him it was a PS3. #
    • @mintcast good times recording the podcast together. my kitchen heats up to like 32 C when I am in there for too long, feels good to get out #
    • @jungaar I never cared for the GTA series. Only games I own are C0D4, LBP, Rock band (1+2), and UT3. Plus a few PSN games. in reply to jungaar #
    • @erinlynneh sucks to hear about dad’s car. I am sure he will fix it though. If anyone can fix it, he can. #
    • Happy Cinco Day Off-o! Oh wait, that’s just me. 🙂 #
    • Taking my OSX re-cert part two. #
    • Passed. #
    • LOL @Linux_Mint I love that RTFM is not a command. Every Linux distribution should have that! #
    • The Matrix on Blu-ray, popcorn, A/C, and my wife. Today rocks! #
    • @jungaar I don’t know anyone w/ a vaio FW. I read that most of the hotkeys were supposed to work now though. I will try my tt sometime later #
    • @bear89103 I didn’t want to see it this weekend. Beth did, but I wanted to wait. Theater crowds != my thing. in reply to bear89103 #
    • @bear89103 thx for the rockin party last night, but my drums just don’t seem good enough any more 🙁 ION drums FTW! #


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