• Projects Log

    I wanted to add a general projects page so that I can keep miscellaneous projects that I work on. I have a tendency to start a lot of projects and never finish them but I hope that this will make it easier for me to keep track of what I am doing on certain smaller projects and help anyone else out there looking to tackle similar projects for themselves.

    A couple of on going projects that probably won’t have dedicated pages here are my involvement with the Linux Mint podcast as well as random articles I write for various sites.
    You can find some of the articles and features I have had on other sites here:
    Lifehacker.com and Here
    Also my wife’s cross-stitch pattern has been featured on quite a few sites

    I have a ongoing project to build the “Perfect PVR” as you can somewhat tell from my MythTV project log. By no means is MythTV the only software that I have tried and I have put together a small comparison table on other software I have used or at least considered using on my journey. Perfect PVR software

    Miscellaneous things I have built or done:
    Phone dock using CD
    Unscientific gas mileage speed test
    How to fix a video card in the oven
    Rock Band start button protectors
    Buying/building a NAS

    Reviews of software and hardware can be found in the review category of the site.