• Biometric Devices Missing from Windows 7 Control Panel

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    AuthenTec, a company that makes fingerprint scanning devices, worked closely with Microsoft to enable fingerprint authentication without third-party software for Windows 7. Unfortunately, the settings to set up the fingerprint scanner do not always show up in the Windows 7 control panel. To set up the fingerprint scanner you usually can navigate to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Biometric Devices. From there you can enter your password and register your fingerprints. What if biometric devices is missing from control panel?

    To get the biometric devices to show up in Windows 7 control panel download the drivers from AuthenTec’s website (mirror here). I am not sure if this next step is necessary, but the directions I found said to extract the driver with uniextractor. I have extracted the driver for you and zipped it up here (x32, x64) so you don’t have to. Open the zip file and extract the files somewhere and run setup.exe. This installer will create a folder under C:Program Files called WIN7TS and will install the drivers for your finger print scanner. It will also load the necessary components so you can use the fingerprint scanner from the control panel. Once the biometric devices option shows up you can set up everything from the control panel.

    If you are getting the ‘Set-up Failure’ error, then try running C:Program FilesWIN7TSTrueSuiteApplication.exe directly. It is the same program that runs from the control panel but sometimes has less errors on setup.

    Let me know in the comments if you have any problems or questions.


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    30 Responses to Biometric Devices Missing from Windows 7 Control Panel

    1. Florin
      2010/02/26 at 07:03

      Oh wow!! It finally brought up “Biometric Devices” in Control Panel in my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installation! I had it before, and it was working fine and all, but after I decided to do another complete format and install everything again, I wasn’t too sure why, after I installed the fingerprint device drivers and Windows showed it up in Devices and Printers, it still didn’t give me the Biometric Devices option in Control Panel! I’m still not sure why it worked in my previous installation and not in this one, but I’ll save these files in my drivers directory and use them as a backup plan if next time still doesn’t work after installing from my originally-downloaded drivers.

      Thanks, though! I probably should have searched AuthenTec’s website for any driver updates and I would do it now if I had a bit more time on my hands. Oh well, thanks again!

    2. iss
      2010/04/11 at 18:52

      3 phone calls to Fujitsu, hours of internet search, trial and error I finally got to this page I started this darn thing early this afternoon and I was about to give up.It is 10:48pm and the biometric devices finally showed up on my Fujitsu p1620. The drivers listed on Fujitsu don’t work . The TEch support is no support, and they tried to sell me omni software. Many thanks, iss

    3. Sid
      2010/05/12 at 14:56

      Did it work for any one else as it did not work for me

    4. 2010/07/28 at 18:46

      i have installed the program alright but when i want to configure it, reads no device found.
      when i check my device manager it idicates the devic.
      i don’t know why my biometric is behaving this way

    5. nick
      2010/08/07 at 04:32

      it works fine! thanks.

    6. Som
      2010/08/11 at 12:19

      I have a hp6910p and installed the software/driver on Hp’s site which caused my win7 x64 to become unstable, freeze and Lock me out. I tried the zip file on this post and that did not help. Then I first removed the existing biometric device and use the exe on this site. The control panel still did not show. I went to device manager and forced a ‘scan for new hardware’. Windows did its thing and everything worked like a charm. Thanks! Do please ensure that you remove any existing biometric drivers before using the exe and scan for hardware after.

      • Knas
        2010/09/10 at 06:16


        I had the same problem and did exactly as you described and now it all works! Thanks

    7. Anthony
      2010/12/07 at 11:00

      It didnt work for me either , i think its best to look on the manufacturer site, there was an application for mine whihc enabled it straight away , i guess truesuite isnt compatible with all biometric devices

      try this one , as this was the one i needed

      UPEK protector suite –


    8. gameaddict
      2011/02/05 at 13:26

      Thank You,this solved my problem.

    9. JordAN
      2011/04/08 at 23:13

      Thanks! it worked

    10. Nikos Kaltsounidis
      2011/04/18 at 10:44

      Thank you in advance for your efforts, anyway. Unfortunately i have installed the program and “Biometric Devices” appeared in “Hardware and Sound” section, but when i want to configure it, it says “No biometric device found”.
      When i check in device manager there it is, AuthenTec AES2550 working fine.
      It is on a Fujitsu Lifebook E780 (Intel Gfx) running Windows 7 Pro x64. Although it was looking fine in device manager from the begining, windows did not recognize it as a biometric device, and the problem remains.
      If you have any idea and/or you want any additional information, feel free to contact me.

      I must also inform you that software links in AuthenTec seems to be non-existent anymore.

    11. simon
      2011/04/25 at 12:28

      Hi I have HP8510p and and i get error window did not find any biometric device pls help

    12. sam
      2011/06/03 at 04:21

      hi i have win 7 ultimate . my biometric device message me that {THIS COMPUTER DOES NOT HAVE A PROGRAM THAT CAN BE MANAGE YOUR FINGER PRINT DATA} please tell me what can i do

    13. Bobinathens
      2011/06/15 at 21:55

      I followed all the steps, and the Biometric choice now appears, but when I click on Biometric devices it tells me there are no fingerprint devices

      • kaushik
        2012/10/14 at 01:01

        from where i can get the authentic soft

    14. Thanh_no
      2011/06/20 at 08:09

      Thank you for your guide. I have a problem with FINGERPRINT OWN SYSTEM PASSWORD. How can I reset this password and set a new one? thanks

    15. pansona
      2011/06/23 at 00:21

      hi. my laptop says it doesnt have any devices set up. but it says its on! hmm, im slow and have no idea what im doing or why it doesnt think theres a biodevice thingy on here, i have an hp intelcorei5 windows7 laptop

    16. Johnrs
      2011/07/08 at 02:20

      The thing would not work. I downloaded and unzipped it but at the next stage it stopped working

    17. Alexandre Ellus
      2011/08/10 at 12:05

      Thank you, it worked like a charm!

    18. Idontcare
      2011/10/10 at 21:47

      Or use this driver from validity http://www.validityinc.com/post.aspx?id=186

    19. Zadc
      2011/12/15 at 22:55

      Hi all, I installed driver v8 instead of v8.5 and sensor showed up) good luck

    20. Fz
      2011/12/24 at 20:13

      Dearest Dude… until today, what you proposed proved again to be very useful. My Windows 7 Ultimate running on Fujitsu LifeBook P-1630 now enjoys Biometric Authentec EAS2550 again. It just stopped about a week ago. Probably because “windows Update” did something on my LifeBook. Authentec was of no help at all. You did! So, Thanks a lot.


      • Hasan Mulla
        2012/07/11 at 01:14

        thank u soo much

    21. Abhimanyu Kumar
      2012/10/18 at 12:39

      i have a laptop dv4 2106tx biometric devices are not listed in bios as well as device manager.
      hardware of fingerprint reader is fine but my lapy show reader not connected…
      any ideas

    22. Steven
      2012/12/17 at 07:26

      the links in you procedure is directing to a blank page..

      • 2012/12/17 at 16:25

        Sorry about that, it looks like some of the folders moved around. It should be fixed now.

    23. Steven
      2012/12/20 at 07:12

      I followed the steps, and the finger print sensor now appears in the control panel. Also in the device manager i can see the biometric validity sensor driver is working.
      But when I am trying to set up my fingerprint data, it is saying that there is no finger print sensor connected to the computer.

    24. 2013/02/13 at 05:19

      I had this problem and solved it by removing the culprit which is a security software update called “rapport” which comes with online banking. If you go on system restore (just type this in the Windows Start test window at bottom left the restore system at date Rapport updated. This will work until the silly programme updates itself again. I’ll look into this when I have more time!

    25. tukti
      2013/03/21 at 22:48

      hi i did it … i had a fujitsu Tablet t4215 and i installed window 7 but Biometric Sensor didn’t work i tried a lot but at last i went to http://www.fujitsu-pc-asia.com/driversupport/selectioninterface/selection.html# from here download fringerprint Authentec driver and i follow the instruction and i also download Authen Tec TrueSuite and follow the instruction then it work at my Tablet

      Thank you

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