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    1. rothgar
      Getting ready to build my next HTPC and going to try documenting the whole thing with @storify #htpc2012
    2. rothgar
      Parts list: HP dc5800, Nvidia GT 520, Rosewill MCE remote, OCZ 60 gb SSD, flash drive for install #htpc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/iBKnj8K0
    3. rothgar
      My camera won’t scan this, what does it go to? #htpc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/wrUkNG5o
    4. rothgar
      Suspect bad SATA cable. Starting over using DVD drive cable instead. SSD now detected in BIOS #htpc2012
    5. Salcedo_George
      RT @rothgar: Getting ready to build my next HTPC and going to try documenting the whole thing with @storify #htpc2012
    6. Salcedo_George
      @rothgar Nice! I will use #HTPC2012 when tweeting HTPC. Are you streaming content via wmc to Xbox?
    7. rothgar
      I’m all done with my #htpc2012 work today. The goal is to cancel cable next Friday. Still need to hook up tuners.
    8. rothgar
      @Salcedo_George we’ll see if there’s demand in the house to bring cable back. If there is, I’ll probably be interested. #htpc2012
    9. rothgar
      Continuing work on #htpc2012 I have settled on just using 7MC instead XBMC because Netflix integration is better. Now trying to customize
    10. rothgar
      mceRemote2vlc is going to work great with MediaBrowser http://www.arenddeboer.com/mce-remote-with-vlc/ #htpc2012
    11. rothgar
      Here’s how to disable the “subtitle” in vlc that shows what file you’re playing http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=94071 #htpc2012
    12. rothgar
      I have a few extra minutes so I’m working on my #htpc2012 computer. Still trying to get it finished for Friday
    13. rothgar
      Sata power came unplugged. That’s 2 problems that have been fixed by just plugging something in #htpc2012
    14. rothgar
      I can’t say enough good things about SiliconDust @HDHomeRun_US tuner. Best tuner I’ve ever purchased #htpc2012
    15. Salcedo_George
      @mobiDevJC @OldSkoolVWLover This is My #htpc2012 setup. 2 yrs old. Lenovo mini USB KB decent. Weak range – shitty http://twitpic.com/a1ao45
    16. rothgar
      I seriously forget how easy and awesome WM7 is. The channel editing is the best of any media center.
    17. rothgar
      I picked a hell of a weekend to cancel cable. Why didn’t anyone tell me the #xgames are on?!
    18. rothgar
      I’m very impressed @Revision3 has a WMC plugin. This just made cable cutting even easier http://revision3.com/leanback_windows #htpc2012
    19. rothgar
      Trying to get my network drives to automatically reconnect after restart. They keep showing up as “disconnected” #htpc2012
    20. rothgar
      [email protected] Please help! your lean back plugin won’t install on my 720p TV. Requires 1024×768!! http://revision3.com/leanback_windows #htpc2012
    21. rothgar
      TunerfreeMCE installed! Configuring anthem it’s time for a break. Maybe watch some more #xgames before I cut the cord. #htpc2012
    22. rothgar
      Trying out @mymovies_info for movie management on my #htpc2012. The default movie player leaves a lot to be desired.
    23. rothgar
      Little did I remember I bought @SecondRun last year. Oh well, $8 is still a bargain #htpc2012


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