• Build an Antenna Mount for Less Than $7

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    I was on a mission to mount my new over the air (OTA) antenna in my attic, but I didn’t want to spend $50+ for a mount. In order to do it cheaply I recycled an old satellite mount which was left on my roof from the previous home owners. If you don’t have a satellite on your roof like I did, I’m sure you can find a neighbor or friend who does that would gladly give you the mount to take down the eyesore. Here’s what you’ll need to build the mount.

    Now to put it all together:

        1. Take the satellite off the mount

        2. Put a washer on each hex bolt and put them on the antenna mount. Just to keep everything together I put a nut on the bolt to hold it to the mount.

        3. Cut 2 15cm (6″) straps. I used tin snips


        4. Put another washer and nut at the end of the bolt to hold the straps on

        Climb into the hot, hot attic and mount the antenna to a 2×4

    That’s it. If you need an idea for what to do with your old satellite might I suggest a Halloween costume?
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