• IFTTT Belkin Video Recipes

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    I made this video for a promo Belkin was doing and I wanted to share the recipes I took to make the video in one place. Here are all the recipes in order.

    First step is to tag a picture with #movietime in Instagram. This recipe uploads the picture to Facebook.

    Next we make a text post on Facebook with a link to the picture.

    Now we change our Twitter profile picture and tweet about the movie we are watching.

    We also use the same Facebook post to update Tumblr.

    Once the Tumblr post has been made we need to log the movie into Evernote.

    We also create a calendar event for 2 hours on our Google Calendar.

    And finally we turn off the WeMo light because of the Google Calendar event.


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    2 Responses to IFTTT Belkin Video Recipes

    1. yo_golo
      2012/10/02 at 12:29

      Does this still work with the Twitter part since they are now outta IFTTT?

      • 2012/10/02 at 13:38

        Yes the twitter parts still work because IFTTT only removed twitter as a trigger, not as an action. Instead of going from twitter -> tumblr I just made it so Facebook triggers the tumblr post

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