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    I’ve been asked a few times why I like jailbreaking so much and I constantly am telling people what apps I use. Just to keep everything in one place. Here are my top apps/tweaks that keep me coming back.
    These are listed in alphabetical order
    Activator lets you customize any button push, gesture, etc. into something that makes sense to you. For me there are 4 shortcuts that I use frequently

    • Hold volume down (while phone is on) = Compose new tweet
    • Hold volume up (while phone is on) = Show contact favorites
    • Triple press home button (while phone is on) = Open camera
    • Triple press home button (while phone is locked) = Play/Pause

    Here’s a quick video I found that shows some of the settings and how it works.

    Browser Changer

    Allows you to change the default web browser in iOS (Mine is set to Google Chrome)


    Adds some gestures to Google Chrome

    Data Monitor

    Lets me see how much data I have used per day and per month on wifi and 3g connections.


    Changes the screen hue based on the time of day. You specify what type of lights you use and it automatically adjusts.

    Five Icon Dock

    This one does exactly what you’d think


    Puts folders on steroids and really customizable. This was the 2nd jailbreak app I bought.


    Just a file browser, but if you pay for it you also get Dropbox syncing etc.


    Like Android toggles in the notification center.

    OneByOne Contacts

    Lets you swipe to delete contacts like webOS used to.


    Automatically enters your App Store password


    PdaNet has been around forever and the only way you can get it on your iOS device is with a jailbreak. It’s a one time $15 fee but well worth it if you tether a lot and don’t want to pay the $15/mo charge to the carrier.

    Pull To Dismiss

    Gets rid of the keyboard when you don’t want it. Easier to explain in the video.


    I just found this one and it fixes a HUGE annoyance I’ve always had with iOS. Check out the video.

    Silent Rington

    Give you a ringtone that doesn’t make any noise (just vibrates). It’s great for an alarm when you don’t want to wake anyone else up.

    Siri Toggles

    Turn on/off wifi, bluetooth, etc. with Siri. This functionality is built into iOS 6, but I’ve had it in iOS 5 for quite a while.


    Makes the notification banner smaller.

    SMS GV Extension

    This seamlessly integrates Google Voice into the default SMS app. Here’s the website for more information.


    Adds gestures to the iOS keyboard that I wish every keyboard had.


    Allows you to customize some features of the app switcher. I use this to always show the close X on apps.


    Makes the app switcher 2 rows high and adds other customizations


    Show’s your currently connected wifi network in the status bar. More info at iDownloadBlog


    Hides your jailbreak status for some apps.


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    3 Responses to My Top iOS Jailbreak Apps

    1. 2013/02/04 at 16:40

      Hey Justin,
      What about your favorite repo’s to use and such.

      • 2013/02/04 at 23:52

        To be honest, all my top apps are available in the default repos. I had XBMC installed for a while which required a separate repo but I found I never used it on the phone so I just took it off.
        Other than that, I used a repo for a while to pirate and try different apps but I always went back and paid for the apps and removed the pirate repo.
        Do you (or anyone else) have a good suggestion for legit repos?

    2. anonimous
      2013/02/07 at 08:25

      SwipeSelection is epic. In fact, it and Five Icon Dock are the only one truly useful here

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