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    IFTTT Belkin Video Recipes

    by  • 2012/09/30 • Personal, Video • 2 Comments


    I made this video for a promo Belkin was doing and I wanted to share the recipes I took to make the video in one place. Here are all the recipes in order. First step is to tag a picture with #movietime in Instagram. This recipe uploads the picture to Facebook. Next we make...

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    Tiny Towers Strategy

    by  • 2012/01/10 • Thoughts • 1 Comment

    I recently started playing Tiny Towers (a couple weeks ago) and although I’m not an expert at the game, I found it intriguing because of the amount of planning you can use, or not use, while playing the game. Here are some things I picked up on while playing to help you scale your...

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    Why WebOS Will Never Win Mobile

    by  • 2011/04/20 • Thoughts, webOS • 1 Comment

    I love webOS. I think the software is absolutely fantastic, the hardware is meh, and the apps are down right embarrassing. Even with a giant pile of cash behind it, webOS will never be the leading mobile platform of choice for consumers unless some things change. Advertising In the U.S., advertising is what makes...

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    A New Way to Skip Commercials

    by  • 2011/02/07 • Linux, MythTV, Thoughts • 1 Comment

    If you have never owned an HTPC with the ability to automatically skip commercials then you probably should stop reading this post right now. Otherwise, carry on and I will explain to you how I think commercial skipping should work. How Things Work Now Currently if you want to flag commercials, you need to...

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    Life and How to Survive It

    by  • 2011/01/23 • Thoughts • 0 Comments

    Hacker Monthly is a print version of the best Hacker News articles in a visually appealing format. I have recently subscribed to the magazine because I found it interesting and I got the subscription for free (yes, legally). After reading the first two issues I will probably pay for my next year subscription. In the...

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