• 2014 Technology Predictions

    by  • 2014/01/01 • 0 Comments


    A new year is here so I’ll take another swing at how technology will change in the year 2014. This will be my sixth year doing a predictions post. If you haven’t read them before you should check out my 2013 post and then take a look at some of the older predictions I’ve...

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    by  • 2013/09/27 • 4 Comments

    I just turned 30. I wanted to share 30 things I’ve learned in the past 30 years. Or at least the things I wrote down over the past 8 months. Don’t rely on school to give you an education. Always write things down, and always carry something to do so. You get what you...

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    Slim Wallet Comparison

    by  • 2013/06/24 • 8 Comments

    As a follow-up to my recent article about the best wallet ever, I was given the opportunity to test some of the slim wallets available on the market. These wallets are all designed  to slim down your wallet and protect your cards. As an added bonus they all look better than a rubber band! I used...

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    An OS X Virus I Can’t Figure Out

    by  • 2013/05/28 • 4 Comments

    The past couple months at work I have been tracking something that I can’t figure out. I believe it to be an iOS or OS X virus that is in the wild that I have yet to find anything that detects. Here is the information I know about it and I’m putting it out...

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    The Best Wallet Ever

    by  • 2013/04/04 • 21 Comments


    I have always had a bad relationship with wallets. It was just one more thing I had to carry because there was no way to keep IDs and money organized in my pocket on its own. After one of my wallets wore to the point of me actually throwing it away, I decided I’d...

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