• An OS X Virus I Can’t Figure Out

    by  • 2013/05/28 • 4 Comments

    The past couple months at work I have been tracking something that I can’t figure out. I believe it to be an iOS or OS X virus that is in the wild that I have yet to find anything that detects. Here is the information I know about it and I’m putting it out...

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    The Best Wallet Ever

    by  • 2013/04/04 • 21 Comments


    I have always had a bad relationship with wallets. It was just one more thing I had to carry because there was no way to keep IDs and money organized in my pocket on its own. After one of my wallets wore to the point of me actually throwing it away, I decided I’d...

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    A Better Way to Handle Multi Sign In

    by  • 2013/03/11 • 5 Comments


    Google has a cool feature to let you sign into multiple accounts at once, but in practice it really sucks. Here’s why, and also a better way to manage multiple Google accounts. It Sucks Because You have no easy way to manage what account links will open with (mailto, calendar, docs) You can’t (easily)...

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    Azusa Pacific University Counter-Strike Map

    by  • 2013/03/04 • 0 Comments


    A while ago a friend of mine set out on a quest to make a 3D map of my work. At first the process seemed really easy. Just import some blueprints into Google SketchUp, export that into Valve’s Hammer, tweak some spawn points, and BOOM you have a Counter-Strike map. The process obviously wasn’t that...

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    Microsoft Surface RT Review

    by  • 2013/01/25 • 3 Comments


    I was going to write a full review of the Surface RT but I just couldn’t bring myself to write a review for a device a have no reason to use. Here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts after having the device for a week. Pros: Feels nice in the hands (you have to...

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    2013 Technology Predictions

    by  • 2013/01/01 • 2 Comments

    Yay! Another year and another post for my technology predictions. Last years predictions went about 50/50 with what I got right but I also was a bit aggressive with what I thought hoped would happen. Check out my predictions for what will happen in 2013. Computers and Mobile 1. First of all, I really...

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    Google Mini Search Appliance Teardown

    by  • 2012/12/11 • 1 Comment


    Google has search appliances available for enterprise customers to house in their data centers to take advantage of Google’s searching and indexing abilities for web services and intranet resources. One such device is called the Google Mini. Unfortunately, the Google Mini was also end of life’d as of July 2012. No big deal, it...

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    Boxee TV Review

    by  • 2012/11/06 • 10 Comments

    Boxee TV Box

    It’s not very often that I am so excited for a product that I go get it on launch day. Usually I am a skeptic who waits at least for a few reviews to come out before rushing out to get whatever it is. The Boxee TV however was one of those products I...

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    My Top iOS Jailbreak Apps

    by  • 2012/10/22 • 3 Comments

    I’ve been asked a few times why I like jailbreaking so much and I constantly am telling people what apps I use. Just to keep everything in one place. Here are my top apps/tweaks that keep me coming back. These are listed in alphabetical order Activator Activator lets you customize any button push, gesture,...

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    IFTTT Belkin Video Recipes

    by  • 2012/09/30 • 2 Comments


    I made this video for a promo Belkin was doing and I wanted to share the recipes I took to make the video in one place. Here are all the recipes in order. First step is to tag a picture with #movietime in Instagram. This recipe uploads the picture to Facebook. Next we make...

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