• Weekend in review

    by  • 2006/03/13 • 0 Comments

    Not much happened this weekend. I was able to relax instead of all of the work I wanted to do on my car. I wish I would have known it really was not going to rain!!! But I did find out that the power supply I ordered for my xbox is bad. (I need...

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    10 Best Alarm Clocks

    by  • 2006/03/09 • 0 Comments

    I was appalled by the Read it and Sleep article I found on Digg today because I know I have seen a lot better alarm clocks recently than anything on that list. Here are my top ten alarm clocks. I am going to start with the runner up. I just love all the stuff...

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    MR2 update

    by  • 2006/03/08 • 0 Comments

    I have had lots of changes with my MR2. First of all I went to a MR2usday meet last night with Beth at a sonic burger. There were about 15 cars that showed up. Here are some of the good MK1′s that I took pictures of. I really thought it was interesting how many...

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    by  • 2006/03/01 • 0 Comments

    I just wanted to update a post here mainly so I can stay in the habit of doing so. I am still trying to find out how to install my Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro USB soundcard in linux (it doesn’t look promising).  I cannot get my FusionHDTV 5 Gold plus card working.  I...

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    by  • 2006/02/24 • 0 Comments

    I don’t have any cool downloads or crazy web finds.  Well maybe I have just two that I found. Ok so there are just a couple of things I would like to post in here.  I am going to start my process of installing Mythtv (again).  It has been about a month so I...

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    Another one bites the dust

    by  • 2006/02/22 • 0 Comments

    I had this idea for lab computers about a year and a half ago. The first idea probably popped into my head about 2 years ago. Today like may of my other ideas I saw a company making it. The idea is simple. If you have a lab of say 50 machines why do...

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    I have a new car

    by  • 2006/02/21 • 0 Comments

    it is sitting outside of my kitchen right now and I just want to drive it. to bad I am so tired and it is so dark and i need to do work on it. Either way. I am just glad I am now the proud owner of a 87 mr2.

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    HD trailers without Quicktime pro

    by  • 2006/02/20 • 1 Comment

    here is the blog i got it from http://fallen-idol.blogspot.com/2006/02/how-to-download-trailers-from-apple.html Go to http://www.apple.com/trailers/ and select your trailer. Let’s say you choose http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/missionimpossibleiii/hd/ On most trailer pages there are different sizes of the same trailer, so let’s say in this case we want to download the “480p” version of this trailer. In Internet Explorer click ‘View’...

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    by  • 2006/02/20 • 0 Comments

    Ok there have been a lot of updates to my favorite sites today so I am just going to say a whole lot of news that I have read this morning. First thing is first. Click on the picture for the guys full site on that most awesome NES alarm clock. The next thing...

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    by  • 2006/02/19 • 0 Comments

    ok so a heck of a lot is happening. I sold my car on Saturday to a real nice guy in LA, I got my video card for my media box and it is being incredibly difficult (dvi port is older style, no half height bracket, no linux driver right out of the box),...

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