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    After my last post I realized I have never explained (or documented for myself) how to create a user template in OSX. The best how-to I found was on Jim Epler’s Blog which I found via google. Here are his steps slightly modified

    1. Tweak your default account including setting dock, clearing cache, recent items, etc.

    2. Restart and login to the machine as admin.

    3. Issue the following commands in the terminal:

    :~root# cd /System/Library/User Template/
    :~root# sudo ditto -rsrcFork English.lproj/* English.lproj.bak
    :~root# sudo rm -rf /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/*
    :~root# sudo cp -R /Users//* /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/
    :~root# sudo chown -R root English.lproj
    :~root# sudo chgrp -R wheel English.lproj

    4. Restart, log in as admin and repair permissions before creating a new account to see if it worked.

    Now all your new users that log into the machine (including mobile users) will have these same settings as your template user.


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