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    10 Minute Monitor Backlight

    by  • 2015/01/31 • How-to, Ideas • 0 Comments


    Ever wanted a back light for your monitor? It helps with eye strain and glare from overhead lights. This is a simple back light you can install in 10 minutes and should cost less than $20. There are other (more expensive) LED shelf lights you can get from IKEA but I had an old...

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    A Better Way to Handle Multi Sign In

    by  • 2013/03/11 • Google, How-to • 5 Comments


    Google has a cool feature to let you sign into multiple accounts at once, but in practice it really sucks. Here’s why, and also a better way to manage multiple Google accounts. It Sucks Because You have no easy way to manage what account links will open with (mailto, calendar, docs) You can’t (easily)...

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    Gnome 3 Tweaks and Extensions

    by  • 2012/09/03 • How-to, Linux • 1 Comment

    I have been using Fedora 17 with Gnome 3 for a few weeks now and I wanted to let everyone know about some tweaks I have found to make it much more usable and some annoyances I have yet to solve. Change touchpad delay after typing This has been super annoying because the default...

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    Create user template in OSX

    by  • 2008/10/22 • How-to, OSX • 0 Comments

    After my last post I realized I have never explained (or documented for myself) how to create a user template in OSX. The best how-to I found was on Jim Epler’s Blog which I found via google. Here are his steps slightly modified 1. Tweak your default account including setting dock, clearing cache, recent...

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    OSX 10.5 keychain and user templates

    by  • 2008/10/22 • How-to, OSX • 3 Comments

    We decided to have our Apple computers joined to our Active Directory server so we have a little more control and our users have a little more continuity and features when using different machines. We also finally figured out how to set up a user template similar to Windows default user profile. A problem...

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    Weekend Update

    by  • 2007/10/27 • Download, How-to, Vista, XP • 0 Comments

    I should have some good pictures of pumpkins sometime this week so I will post those as soon as I get them. I also just wanted to share a few tools I found over the past week (or two). The first I found over at Lifehacker and it is called NetDrive. It allows you...

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