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    Everything I have done with MythTV. Including hardware and software that I have used and things I have tried whether successful or unsuccessful.

    A New Way to Skip Commercials

    by  • 2011/02/07 • Linux, MythTV, Thoughts • 1 Comment

    If you have never owned an HTPC with the ability to automatically skip commercials then you probably should stop reading this post right now. Otherwise, carry on and I will explain to you how I think commercial skipping should work. How Things Work Now Currently if you want to flag commercials, you need to...

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    MythTV Star Trek Theme

    by  • 2010/01/28 • Download, Linux, MythTV • 0 Comments

    The MythTV theming challenge comes to a close Sunday January 31st and the entries are starting to show up on the MythTV theming mailing list. Here is one that showed up that I am very excited about. It was created by Gary Butters (not me). If you already have MythTV set up you can...

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