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    Gnome 3 Tweaks and Extensions

    by  • 2012/09/03 • How-to, Linux • 1 Comment

    I have been using Fedora 17 with Gnome 3 for a few weeks now and I wanted to let everyone know about some tweaks I have found to make it much more usable and some annoyances I have yet to solve. Change touchpad delay after typing This has been super annoying because the default...

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    Why WebOS Will Never Win Mobile

    by  • 2011/04/20 • Thoughts, webOS • 1 Comment

    I love webOS. I think the software is absolutely fantastic, the hardware is meh, and the apps are down right embarrassing. Even with a giant pile of cash behind it, webOS will never be the leading mobile platform of choice for consumers unless some things change. Advertising In the U.S., advertising is what makes...

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