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    My Top iOS Jailbreak Apps

    by  • 2012/10/22 • Apple, iOS, Software • 3 Comments

    I’ve been asked a few times why I like jailbreaking so much and I constantly am telling people what apps I use. Just to keep everything in one place. Here are my top apps/tweaks that keep me coming back. These are listed in alphabetical order Activator Activator lets you customize any button push, gesture,...

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    WebOS 2.0 Wishlist

    by  • 2010/07/12 • Ideas, Software, Thoughts, webOS • 0 Comments

    I have been a webOS advocate since I first installed the emulator on my computer and saw just what the software could do. WebOS has seen some much needed updates over the past year but there are still some things that I feel are lacking or even completely missing as it is today. I...

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    Removed Automatic Twitter Updates

    by  • 2009/05/31 • Software • 1 Comment

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I just removed the automatic Twitter updates from my site. While I like the idea of having content automatically updated from other things I am doing, I just felt like I was almost spamming my own site. I will still be using Twitter/Identi.ca and I like...

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    Software Recycler

    by  • 2009/05/23 • Ideas, Software • 0 Comments

    I had an idea a while ago for a website that I know I will never be able to act on so I thought I would just post it here and maybe someday someone will find it and have the time and know-how to complete it. The basic idea for the website is to...

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