• How-to Fix a Video Card in the Oven

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    I recently happen to come across a video card that had problems with 3D rendering. I usually would just throw out the video card and get a new one, but when the video card is a Nvidia 8800 GTX I just couldn’t throw away the card no matter how bad it was broken. Luckily shortly after I got the card in it’s broken state I found this article over at Engadget about someone who was able to fix their Nvidia video card by baking it in the oven. Now of course I thought they were crazy but figured “it’s not like it can break my video card any more”. So I gave it a shot.
    I was completely surprised that not only did it do no visible harm to the video card. When I plugged it in my test machine it worked flawlessly. I wasn’t able to test extensively because I don’t have a dedicated desktop that can handle any games that would really test this card. So instead I ran a 3D benchmark tool before and after I cooked the video card. Lets just say that before I cooked it the benchmark tool wouldn’t even start, and after it worked flawlessly.
    I am not saying this is a fix for everything you might have wrong with your computer but you may want to give it a try if you have a video card on the fritz. The reasoning I read in the forums that this works, who knows if it is actually true, is that some cards will get micro cracks in their solder joints that cause bad connections between components. Solder melts at 365 degrees Fahrenheit so when you stick the video card in the over you are really just softening and filling in those micro cracks. I have some pictures of the card before and after (there wasn’t much difference) so you can see exactly how I set the card in the oven.
    I cooked my card at ~385 for 8 1/2 minutes. We will see how long this card lasts.

    In the forums there are probably 2-3 dozen reports of this working on other video cards. I have see 2 unsuccessful attempts out of all the reports I read, and I even saw one person unsuccessfully cook their motherboard to see if it would fix their problems. Let me know if you give it a try in the comments.


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    3 Responses to How-to Fix a Video Card in the Oven

    1. Matt
      2009/07/03 at 21:22

      I cooked my xps2 go 7800gtx for 7 1/2 minutes and it fixed my issued of not turning back on when I opened the screen and random video distortion lockups. It finally wouldn’t even come up after turning on and off several times so I found this article after a friend at work told me he had done the same to his card and it fixed it. It’s only been a few hours but I thought it was dead after it wouldn’t turn back on 10 times in a row. Great article and saved me from buying another laptop or ebaying a 7800gtx.

    2. chris
      2009/08/10 at 20:58

      I cooked my 7600gs @ about 675 for 10 mins, I did not preheat lmao. It’s an old evga card I use on my back up sys. After it had messed up I was back to an even older 5700le from ages ago. Well after letting it cool for about 5 min I decided to test it. It actually worked I was so relieved I wasn’t stuck with 5700le for much longer. Thanks to this little article I have a decent back up sys…Did you hear the one about freezing old harddrives?

    3. 2009/08/10 at 21:23

      Glad to hear it helped you. And although I have heard about putting a dying hard drive in the freezer (inside a plastic bag of course) it has never once saved a dead drive for me.

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