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    These are just as-is statements or information that I like to keep around for reference.

    Pidgin & Gtalk certificate

    by  • 2008/10/14 • Fact, How-to • 0 Comments

    I use Pidgin for my chat client and I also use Gtalk. Usually there is no problem with this but I use Gtalk for my old Gmail account and also for my new email address for this website hosted by Google. I started having a problem connecting to my Gtalk account @1n73r.net. The problem...

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    Browser speed results

    by  • 2007/06/12 • Fact, Thoughts • 1 Comment

    I watched the Apple keynote yesterday and I was not impressed. That is not the point of this post though. I wanted to do my own tests on browsers and see for myself which would be the fastest (since Steve claimed Safari was the fastest). I tested Opera 9.21, Safari 3.0, Internet Explorer 7,...

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