How to set an external display as primary in Windows Vista

This entry was posted on Oct 02 2008

I posted this on my work’s wiki but I wanted to post it here so I can remember how to do it for later.

If you have your external display plugged into your laptop push Win+X to bring up the Windows Mobility Center. Then click on the Connect display button.

This will bring up the New Display Detected screen.

With that window open select “Show my desktop on the external display only” and hit ok.

Your laptop monitor should turn off and the external display will show your start menu and anything else you had open on the laptop.

Now right click on the desktop and go to personalize.

Then go to Display settings and select “Extend the desktop onto this monitor”

Go here for more information.!BFE88543FF6C8C5F!218.entry

Let me know if you have any Vista tips in the comments.

2 Responses to “How to set an external display as primary in Windows Vista”

  1. Yesterday I installed updates KB973687 and KB976098, now my laptop wont detect my external display. Anyone else have this problem?

    Sometimes I thinnk it would be easier just to turn off windows update.

  2. That seems very strange. KB8736887 is for XHTML parsing and KB976098 is a time zone fix. In any case, you may want to just try re-installing your video drivers and rebooting.

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