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    Slim Wallet Comparison

    by  • 2013/06/24 • Hardware, Review, Thoughts • 10 Comments

    As a follow-up to my recent article about the best wallet ever, I was given the opportunity to test some of the slim wallets available on the market. These wallets are all designed  to slim down your wallet and protect your cards. As an added bonus they all look better than a rubber band! I used...

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    Boxee TV Review

    by  • 2012/11/06 • Hardware, HTPC, Review • 10 Comments

    Boxee TV Box

    It’s not very often that I am so excited for a product that I go get it on launch day. Usually I am a skeptic who waits at least for a few reviews to come out before rushing out to get whatever it is. The Boxee TV however was one of those products I...

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    HP 8460p Review

    by  • 2011/05/24 • Hardware, Review • 5 Comments

    HP has been drastically trying to re-brand their computer models for a few cycles now. They have openly stated they want to be Apple and they are starting with trying to make laptops that look like Apple’s Mac computers. Their latest attempt that I was able to use for a while was the 8460p...

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    HP 2730p Review

    by  • 2009/08/03 • Hardware, Review • 1 Comment

    I am up for a new computer at work and I couldn’t force myself to go with a netbook as my main laptop just yet. I currently have a HP 8510p and it works well for my needs. My biggest problem is its size. Sure the 15″ 1680×1050 screen is great but 80% of...

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    Some more root beers

    by  • 2008/10/09 • Review, Thoughts • 0 Comments

    I had the chance to have a few more root beers this week and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The first root beer I tried was Red Ribbon. I must say it tasted pretty plain. Nothing really stood out about it and it had a very generic IBC/Barq’s root taste. If I hadn’t taken a...

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