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    Rock Band redux

    by  • 2008/03/11 • Funny, Video Games • 2 Comments

    Another morning with a little extra time, and another Rock Band related post. This time all the work has been done by a friend and my wife. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Let christian music ringtonesfree real music ringtones sprintphone ringtones sprintcell free phone ringtones verizoncell free phone ringtones tracfone,download free motorola ringtones...

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    Strip Rock Band

    by  • 2008/03/10 • Funny, Thoughts, Video Games • 0 Comments

    I woke up a bit early today so I thought I would run this by…well…myself to see what I think. Strip Rock Band is played similarly to strip poker in that the loser must relinquish an article of clothing after each round. Here are the other rules that I have come up with to...

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    by  • 2007/11/04 • Thoughts, Video Games • 0 Comments

    I know it is late but I don’t care. Due to the lack of good Pac Man pumpkins anywhere on the internet Beth and I decided to take it upon ourselves to make right this wrong-doing. A couple more pumpkins just cause we had leftovers.

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