Strip Rock Band

This entry was posted on Mar 10 2008

I woke up a bit early today so I thought I would run this by…well…myself to see what I think.

Strip Rock Band is played similarly to strip poker in that the loser must relinquish an article of clothing after each round. Here are the other rules that I have come up with to make this more of a game.

1. Each player must play the song on expert mode.

2. The loser is the first person to fail out of the song without being saved.

3. The loser must remove a article of clothing and gets to pick the next song.

4. The loser also gets to pick which instrument they would like to play next. If the loser of the round selects your instrument to play you must swap them instruments.

5. Bass cannot be played twice in a row.  The Bass player must play guitar every other turn. Likewise the guitar must play bass every other turn.

6. You cannot play the same instrument more than 2 times in a row.  After you have played a instrument twice someone else must pick your next instrument. You then have to swap instruments with whoever was playing the chosen instrument.

7. If you save someone you get to put a piece of clothing back on. If you are already fully clothed then you do NOT get brownie points or credit toward losing a round. All re-clothing is done after the round is over.

8. If no one fails in a song, the person with the lowest percentage is “the loser”. They do not need to remove any clothing but they still must pick the next song and swap instruments with someone.

If you are playing this with only 3 or 2 people than you can only have that many instruments. You cannot have a open instrument.

Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for additional rules.

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