This entry was posted on Oct 04 2007

I had a realization today.  I really like osx.  I think the operating system as a whole is just pretty good.  I am not used to it and it would take me a good long time to learn all of the shortcut keys that are available, but on a whole I like it.

The downside I found with the operating system is the supporting programs.  Things like email, photo editing, media players that are everywhere for Windows seem to be a bit harder to find in OSX (especially if you don’t use it much).  And even programs that are ported over from windows *cough* Entourage *cough* seem to be crippled compared to their windows counterparts.  Sure all the best programs are made straight from Apple themselves but what if you don’t like iphoto, imovie, and *gasp* itunes?  You really don’t have vary many other options.

Then I got to thinking, 90% of the problems I run into on Windows are… the supporting programs.  Sure there are TONS of everything available but a lot of the time they are half assed or not updated.  I would say supporting programs is what makes both OSX and Windows suck.  OSX because the lack of programs and Windows because of the overwhelming amount of crappy programs (some of which are Microsoft’s doing).

Then I move over to using Linux.  In Linux there are lots of options, except for video editors, and the programs are updated a lot, for some every day.  But then I run into the problem  that every time I turn on my computer I have to do updates before I use it.  Yes I know I don’t HAVE to do updates but I have this compulsion of running the latest/greatest.  I feel as if I am missing out on something if I am not beta.  In a sense I really would be.  I am running the latest beta Ubuntu with a beta Compiz Fusion and I just recently took off the beta video driver I had.

When it comes down to it operating systems are only as good as their supporting programs.  If you make the greatest operating system in the world with no holes and more usability than you can shake a stick at, it is still just a operating system if you don’t have programs.

Kinda reminds me of the current video game system race…

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  1. :GASP: YOU started trying out Apples OS X? Your right though, the OS is only as good as its supporting programs. Check out to find good programs. For video editing its all about AVID, for audio all about ProTools (Windows OR Apple) Personally I love iTunes. My findings are that for every 2-3 Windows programs, there is 1 OS X program that does what the 2-3 Windows programs do, but better…usually. (minus all things accounting related) The issue that arises is that the majority of computer users want the functionality of a computer without wanting to understand how to use it, therefore the 1rst party products like iPhoto, iMovie, Entourage, (Solitaire!!!;-) are the deciding factor in what a user buys. However these are just my findings in my demographics here in Santa Barbara County.

    One HUGE reason to own an Apple computer: Run OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the variations of Linux and Unix all on the same hardware. Yes you CAN get OS X to run on non-Apple hardware, but its mostly a hack job.

    And again, you are right about the current game console race. Honestly, most games for both BLOW! I still prefer my orig. xbox and the PS2… OH BTW, the 26th should be 10.5 coming out…The day I buy my Macbook Pro!

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