Video Podcast 01

This entry was posted on Jan 26 2009

Go easy on me it was my first time.

I just take a few minutes to explain how the beginning of my year has been so far and what I have been playing around with.

Let me know which you like better…Vidcast or Vodcast. I am kinda leaning toward vodcast.

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  1. Pretty cool man. You have more guts than I do, don’t know if I could ever video podcast myself. Anyway, in my opinion, stay with DeepFreeze if you can. We used steadystate at my work for about 6 months and it really caused nothing but problems. Technically it did work, but for some reason it made the machines boot SO incredibly slow. Having to restart was really painful. The only thing I did like over Deep Freeze is that you can make changes on the fly and then tell it to save it right then. You didn’t have to technically “thaw” the machine first, then make changes, then “freeze” again. Other than that, it just didn’t seem to work all that well. A lot of the settings didn’t seem to stick that we set and we eventually took it back off and have been a lot happier. Maybe it was just our setup, who knows. Hope you have better luck with it. Let me know your thoughts on it after you test it.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about Steady State. I am curious how you were using Steady State and on what OS? I heard some problems with XP SP3 but I was planning on using it solely with Vista SP1. I also do not know if we would use it the same way we use Deep Freeze currently. Right now hard drives are completely locked and frozen of all changes. With Steady State it looks like we can take a bit of control away from the user and just make them non Administrators (regular users).
    This would keep the user still locked down from installing things and making certain changes, but hopefully wouldn’t experience any slowdown with being completely frozen.
    Like I said it is just a test right now but it looks promising. And the fact that it will be included by default in Windows 7 makes me want to learn how to use it even more.

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