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This entry was posted on Apr 19 2009
  • Mmmm…Capri deli for dinner. #
  • Put our first bid on a house and reached 10,000,000 fans in rock band 2. It has been quite a night. #
  • Just snagged my digital copy of the Matrix. Looks to be a little lower than DVD quality. Now how to strip this DRM… #
  • @jungaar watching on a 4 yr old samsung 43″ dlp. I notice the difference with blu-ray. 10.6 will be out this year but wait till june macwrld #
  • Working on a problem on my tablet with ubuntu 8.10 and wireless. wireless is disabled and I can’t enable it. I can’t wait for 9.04 next week #
  • I shouldn’t be looking at Craigslist. I don’t need to buy a Vouge just so I can run Android on Verizon. Although it would be fun to play w/ #
  • @jungaar I mainly want to upgrade 4 ext4. It should help a lot with my mythtv recordings and makeshift SSD drives. #
  • Taking my Apple Re-certification test. Any tips? #
  • Just passed my test, missed 1 question. Yay for staying Apple certified for 1 more year. #
  • I feel like I am wasting bandwidth downloading a release candidate that will have a final release on Thursday. I am just excited. #
  • I just realized why my machine has been running so slow. I left it in “Power Saver” mode which throttled my CPU down 50% #
  • tip of the night: don’t start a ubuntu 9.04 install at 0022. I am just so excited to try it out. #
  • Just now starting my Ubuntu 9.04 install, lets see how long it takes. #

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