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This entry was posted on Apr 26 2009
  • Just got off the phone with Sony after my PS3 wouldn’t play Blu-ray or games. Had to turn off the media server to get it to work. LAME! #
  • had to make another call 2 Sony. My PS3 needs repair because the movie only played another ~10 minutes. err msg 80029906 or 80010514 = $150 #
  • @mintcast I was watching top gear so I lost track of time. I’d say about 30 min though. in reply to mintcast #
  • @mintcast It was a pleasure working on the mintcast podcast with you tonight. For our listeners we have a treat for you this week. #
  • VZW opened to allow users reviews of their phones. Let the sw/hw bashing begin. Starting w/ the HTC Touch Pro and its lack of ram Stupid VZW #
  • Preparing my PS3 to send it in for repair. I have to backup all my stuff, deactivate my accounts, and format the drive. What a hassle. #
  • HP Mediasmart server upgrade 2.5 is out now!! Get it before their servers get slammed. #
  • I am using a HP 2140 for the next couple of weeks. Anyone have questions or suggestions? #
  • @tuxradar My full first impressions twt size: no support for dock, doesn’t live up to hype. still better than 8.10 in reply to tuxradar #
  • It is a good thing the NHL isn’t the animal kingdom. Otherwise the ducks would have NO chance tonight against the sharks. #
  • Does anyone know what band has the most recorded albums ever? I am curious and my Google powers are lacking today. #
  • @pOshahantos I was thinking that too. According to Wikipedia Beatles only have 19 studio albums, rolling stones=24, rush=19. Any more bands? in reply to pOshahantos #
  • It makes me happy to have a MythTV system working again. :) Now for weeks and weeks of tweaking. #