How to: Menu transparancy in Compiz-fusion

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Nov 27 2007

I never liked that Compiz-fusion didn’t have a transparent menu setting by default. Luckily people on the internet are smart. Well, some of them. Ryan Paul (I have no idea who he is) posted a article on how to add the transparency I was looking for.

In order to set up menu transparency, users will need the Compiz Config Settings Manager, which can be acquired on Ubuntu by installing the compizconfig-settings-manager package. Users can launch the utility from the command line or from the GNOME Preferences menu. The settings manager contains a number of tiles that provide access to various plugins and features included in Commpiz. To set menu transparency, select the General Options tile and navigate to the Opacity Settings tab. Expand the Window Opacities section and click the Add button. A small dialog window will open and prompt for window specification and the desired opacity.

In the Opacity Windows text field, you have to input a pipe-separated list of window types to which you want to apply the transparency. I use the following string:

Tooltip | Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu

Then I set the Opacity Window Values field to 90 to indicate that windows of the previously specified types should be 90 percent opaque and 10 percent transparent.

That is all it took. I ended up making my menu’s 20% transparent but that is all it took. His post also shows how you can set up conditional transparency for specific programs (he uses pidgin as an example).  Have fun with that little tip.